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#AOdotgridchallenge - Day 1 | November Calendar

by Bonnie Kuhl 01 Nov 2017 0 Comments



Challenge #1: Create a calendar for November. 


As a full time employee, business owner, and mom-to-be, there is nothing more valuable than my planner (well, maybe family.... some days). To be my most productive, scheduling tasks is an absolute necessity. I use the monthly calendar to identify when a task will be completed, and the amount of time it takes to complete. 

By scheduling tasks on my calendar, I'm making a commitment to myself. Once the commitment has been made, it becomes harder to procrastinate. I become more intentional with my time, and (surprise!) more work gets done. 

Besides achieving more, planning greatly reduces stress (if you're anything like me, this alone makes scheduling worth it). Proper planning prevents (hey... nice alliteration) you from waking up at 2am, realizing you forgot *insert annoying worry that keeps you up all night*. 

Remember to post your layouts on instagram with #AOdotgridchallenge for your chance to win today's giveaway. Today's winner will receive our Chelsea Dot Grid Sticker collection and will be announced via Instagram stories this evening (CST). I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

If you don't own a dot grid notebook,  but still want to participate in the challenge, print out these dot grid sheets.


Let these monthly layouts to inspire you on day 1 of the dot grid challenge. Don't feel bad if your layout doesn't look as nice. It's not about your drawing skills, it's about productivity!


1. This December overview by Sarah from Lucky Letters.
2. A punny May calendar by bulletjournalsophisticate 
3.  A lovely August layout by
4. Colorful calendar by craftyenginerd
5. Leafy September spread by irisk.letters
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