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#AOdotgridchallenge - Day 5 | Self Care List

by Bonnie Kuhl 05 Nov 2017 0 Comments

Day 5: Create a Self Care List. 

Welcome to day 5 of the 5 day Dot Grid Challenge! It's been amazing seeing your layouts, plans, and works of art. Now that your calendar is packed with tasks, it's time to practice a little self care. 

When we’re busy keeping up with plans, taking on the daily grind, and generally feeling stressed, self care is usually the first thing to go. And that only makes things worse. We're taught to believe the more you sacrifice, the more you can achieve. It's simply untrue!

Self care increases your productivity in these ways:

1. Self care prevents burnout:
Burnout reduces productivity and drains your energy. It leaves you feeling hopeless, tired, and unmotivated. By practicing self care, you can prevent burnout.  

2. Self care helps you focus:
The happier you feel, the more productive you are! Self care leaves you feeling refreshed, therefore more inspired.

3. Self care creates an attitude of gratitude for your body and mind.
When you spend time caring for something, you learn to appreciate it more. Shouldn't we apply this to our own bodies and mind?

Don't forget to post your layouts on Instagram with the #AOdotgridchallenge The challenge is open to participants world wide!

If you don't own a dot grid notebook,  but still want to participate in the challenge, print out these dot grid sheets.

You could win today's awesome giveaway - A Floating Feather Dot Grid Journal, A Night Sky Dot Grid Journal, our Chelsea Collection - Dot Grid Journal Stickers AND our course: Dot Grid 101: Design A Life You Love:



Let these weekly layouts to inspire you on day 4 of the dot grid challenge. Don't feel bad if your layout doesn't look as nice. It's not about your drawing skills, it's about productivity!


1. Make a simple list like Pretty Prints and Paper by Jess
2. Add some colorful illustrations like The Bullet Journal Addict
3. Break it up into categories like Page Flutter
4. Keep it simple and track your goals like Em_plans
5. Use some fun doodles like  emschwartzrdn
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