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#AOPaintingParty - Day 2

by Bonnie Kuhl 19 Jun 2018 0 Comments

Day 2: Focus on a word. 

Welcome to day 2 of the Archer and Olive Painting Party! Today's challenge is to paint a word that is inspirational to you, and decorate it as you see fit. 

When you spend time painting one word, you have a lot of time to focus on the meaning. Today, choose a word that you want to meditate on as you paint. It can be something you want to accomplish, a name, or any word you want to spend time with.  

Don't forget to post your layouts on Instagram with the #AOPaintingParty. The challenge is open to participants world wide!

You could win today's awesome giveaway - A Travel Sketchbook:

Trouble getting started? Check out this awesome inspiration:

  1. crashboomdesigns 
  2. darkgravity 
  3. junedigann 
  4. Bespoke by Leslie
  5. southpacificprints 
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