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#AOPaintingParty - Day 5

by Bonnie Kuhl 22 Jun 2018 0 Comments

Day 5: (At least) 10 different types of flowers. 

Congrats on making it to day 5 of the Archer and Olive Painting Party! Today's challenge is to paint (at least) 10 different types of flowers. 

Pat yourself on the back for making it this far! To complete even one of these challenges is no small task. I hope you feel proud of the work you've created so far. It's been an absolute joy to see all the entries. Thank you for taking the time to paint with me. Instagram is more than a place to share a few pretty pictures, I really feel like I've made some awesome friends along the way. The support you have show to me, and to each other (virtual strangers) is truly inspiring. I hope you all continue painting as much as you can, and sharing your awesome work with this community. 

Of course I am closing the party with flowers (I couldn't have a painting party, and not include flowers). Real, or made up, it doesn't matter! Show me as many different flowers as you can. 

Don't forget to post your layouts on Instagram with the #AOPaintingParty. The challenge is open to participants world wide!

You could win today's awesome GRAND PRIZE - A Floating Feather Sketchbook + Winsor and Newton Gouache Starter Set, Winsor and Newton Paintbrushes, and our Intro to Gouache Florals Course (which isn't being released until today, and I'm unbelievably excited to share with you all):

Grand Prize winner will be announced tomorrow morning via Instagram Stories!
Trouble getting started? Check out this awesome inspiration:

  1. limitlessart_viddhi 
  2. carolynj 
  3. jeshypark 
  4. the illustrai 
  5. dang_go 

If you're as excited about my introduction to gouache florals course as I am, and don't want to wait, you can get it now. This is a course I have been working on for OVER 6 months, and I'm so excited to finally be able to share it with you all. 

Not only does it include four different video lessons, but each lesson comes with a downloadable PDF, and plenty of exercises designed to get you comfortable painting with gouache. And of course I cover exactly how to paint the tiny detailed florals you see on my Instagram. 

I really wanted anyone who was interested in learning to paint with gouache to be able to take my course, so I have priced this course lower than any previous course. Anyone who participated in the the Painting Party can also take an additional 15% off with code: PARTY15. 

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