Astrology in my Notebook - All about me!

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When I received my Astrology notebook in the mail I was ecstatic! It had my little Taurus star constellation on the front! BUT I was totally confused as to what to do with it - mainly because I have sooooooo many planners and notebooks - what would I do with this one, and I didnt want to wait a century to finish my current one before moving onto a new one! 

Hi! Nicola here from My Inner Creative! 

To make my notebook all about me - I was really excited to create a cover page that was simple but also brought across what the notebook was about!

I know that I wanted to create a star sign and mythology notebook and I also wanted to explore my personality types in this notebook too. So my cover page was based on the galaxy - I made a galaxy page in my Archer and Olive watercolor notebook and then chomped out a fun letter scape using my We R Memory Keepers punch. It created a really fun effect. I also popped some star stickers behind the letters to make it pop a little more.

Onto my star chart! I had never done one before and learnt A LOT! Like while I am a Taurus - my rising sign is a Sagittarius - making me happy and creative and filled with fun!

I then listed all the traits per each section and they all aligned so well!

To make it a little more personal for me, I then added a couple of quote pages and a little page of moon phases! This was crazy easy to do and I am not sure why I hadn't tried this earlier! 

I then went and made myself 2 spreads using my new alcohol inks (which I did not use directly into my book - I put them on the right paper and stuck the paper in!)

Finally - as the little cherry on the top for this first part of my "self discovery" notebook - I wanted to create something that explained the actual start constellation and got some inspiration from the amazing @Soshacreates to create this gorgeous spread!

If you are unsure what you would like to do give this cool new journal style a go! I am looking forward to seeing how you create some awesome goodies about "you'!

Here is the full video on how I did it!


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