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Babyshower To Do List + FREE PRINTABLE

by Guest Blogger 19 Apr 2021 0 Comments

Hi loves! It's Kate from @journalwithkate and I'm back with some inspo for a babyshower to do list. You only need a few things to make your babyshower spread wonderful!

But first things first: If you're reading this blogpost chances are you're either pregnant or planning a babyshower for someone you love. Either way congrats with the miracle who is about to enter your life soon!

Don't feel like you need the most glamorous, over the top venue, decorations or entertainment to make your babyshower special. This is a chance to celebrate your journey into motherhood with people you love the most. 

For this simple spread I used the following supplies: 

  • Archer and Olive Notebook:  Here I'm using the B5 Morning Sun dot grid notebook. It's bigger than the usual A5. Perfect if you find yourself needing more planning space. Click on this link or use code KATE10 to save money on your order! These notebooks are perfect if you’re looking for pages that don’t ghost or bleed! 
  • Pencil and eraser:  I used a pencil and an eraser to sketch out the OH BABY before I colored it in with the Acrylograps pens. 
  • Decoration: I used Acrylograps for the coloring part and stickers from the March sub boc. The dreamy theme of the sticker sheets are perfect for a babyshower spread.

Get started

I started by making my famous border. I drew the border using my 0.05 and a 0.8 Copic multilines. After drawing the border, it's time to sketch out the letters. I've used a stencil to sketch put the letters but you can try to freehand it. Before sketching out the letters I drew 6 6x6 squares. I colored the letter and the squares in using a light blue and babypink Acrylographs. 

After coloring the letters I divided the page into 4 equal sections to start the list making. I used a grey Tombow dual brush pen (N89) to outline the boxes. Usually I use my fineliners for this but this gave a softer look.

    Most babyshowers are held a month or so before the due date to avoid stress. Avoid hosting the party too close to your expecting delivery date. Make sure to plan ahead. 



    Start planning the babyshower at least 4 weeks in advance. Stress can trigger early labor. Relax and enjoy your final weeks of pregnancy!

    After listing all the tasks I used some stickers from the Archer & Olive March subscription box to further decorate the spread. I love how it turned out. It was super easy to make and it looks so dreamy. 

    I've shown you a way to create a babyshower to do list. I hope you find this blogpost helpful and you'll start creating your own! I'd love to see what you create, so tag me (@journalwithkate) and @archerandolive on Instagram. And don't forget to sit back, relax and enjoy your final weeks of pregnancy. 


    Download your free printable here

    Good luck and have fun! 


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