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Back to School Class Schedule Layout For Your Planner Or Bullet Journal!

by Design Team 25 Mar 2022 0 Comments

Hi! It’s Ali of and it’s the most wonderful time of the year.. for parents. As a mom of three, the end of summer and return to school is a much needed break. This year my oldest will be starting high school, my former high school! It has changed a bit since I attended 20 *cough* years ago and there’s now block scheduling of seven periods with alternating odd and even days. To me that seems a bit confusing, especially for a new freshman on campus. I thought it would be helpful for my daughter and I to make a block schedule so we can keep track of where she’s supposed to be and when.

Supplies For A Class Schedule:

All you will need for this project is:

  1. Archer and Olive Journal, size of your choosing.
  2. A ruler and pen.
  3. A couple Calliograph pens

bullet journal supplies


First, you need to decide how many columns and rows you need for the color block layout. That depends on how many days of the week you want to use and how many periods a day your kid or you have. I love the simplicity of just drawing lines to get such a functional layout. 

schedule spread

Once you block out the grid you can draw the boxes on the left-hand side with the period, the teacher name, subject, and room number. Next, color in alternating boxes and alternating colors on the color block layout so it’s easier to read. Each color is assigned the odd or even days for me and my daughters schedule. Then, all you do is fill it in! 

class details

full schedule bullet journal spread

I love how simple and functional this project turned out. Investing just a little bit of time before the school year begins can calm any freshman nerves and help your child succeed! If you’d like a separate schedule to have on hand or post in a convenient place, check out the printable I made for you!

free schedule printable

Want to see me set this spread up? Plan with me here:

Thanks so much for checking out my blog! Be sure to say hi to me!

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