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Become More Consistent & Confident In Journaling: The 5-Point Journaling Strategy

by Ambassador Team 16 Dec 2022 1 comment

Hi, LaQuisha here, and today I am going to teach you a way to make journaling easier and more consistent. Have you ever wanted to journal consistently but weren’t sure where to start? Are you afraid of a blank page in your journal? Do you journal but feel like you need a format to maintain your writing routine? My 5-Point Journaling structure will help!


How 5-Point Journaling Began

Hey y’all, heeeyyyy! It’s LaQuisha, also known as Confident Canvas on social media and I am the creator of the 5-Point Journaling system. Since 2016, I have practiced this same journaling strategy to reflect upon my faith and fond daily moments. After introducing this strategy to a group of art friends on Zoom, known as Confident Canvas Zoom (CCZ) Queens, they affectionately named this technique “5-Point Journaling”. I have taught this journaling style locally and abroad as it has supported many who did not know where to start with their journaling, many who became consistent journalers. May this strategy be the catalyst to your own empowering, daily documenting journey!


Supplies For Journaling

To fulfill your journaling needs, I use the items on the list below but please note that there is much more you can use and do to push your journaling creativity! Please shop Archer and Olive using my code Queen for 10% off of your order—don’t forget this at checkout!

I am a teacher so I am aware that some of you might think to yourselves, “I need to see this!” Check out this informative video that explains my strategy and watch me set up a spread!

What is the 5-Point Journaling Strategy?



Our spiritual well-being can be a grounding force when writing about our day or preparing to face the day. If you have not ever considered writing words from your personal faith-based text, this is one of the five points in this strategy. For example, I often use the Bible app to copy the verse of the day. Some pull spiritual cards and write the meaning of the cards. Regardless of what faith or spiritual practice you employ, feeding your soul with positive words daily contributes to our spiritual confidence.


An affirmation is a positive statement you can write, think and/or recite that helps you eliminate pessimistic ideas and accomplish your goals. Write a positive statement about yourself that will help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts.


We are inspired by so many people and often times the encouraging words they say. Copy a quote that inspires you. I have Googled quotes by people who inspire me or I save them on my phone to copy later as I come across them on social media, in books, etc. Remembering the encouraging words of inspirational figures is uplifting.



It is important to reflect upon what we are thankful for. Identify what you are grateful for, specific to the day you are journaling. List at least 3-5 or as many as you can. Try to avoid clichés gratitude lists (yes, we are grateful for food, shelter and family… but maybe on this day you heard the birds chirp outside your window and that brightened your day. Be thankful for the birds too).


To ponder means to think deeply about something. Write the details about a positive experience that happened in your day. It is essential to focus on the good as we are journaling to maintain or increase our confidence—this is not a space to rehash negative situations.


You can DO THIS!

I have written these 5-points consistently since 2018 and this has helped me on days when I feel low, especially to flip through the pages of old journals, to see and read all the beauty created. Please know that you should modify this to fit your needs: maybe you will only write 3 or 4 points? Maybe you will change one of my points to another topic? Whatever you decide, the goal is to be consistent and positive. Jump into your journal and get to writing now that you have 5 prompts! I have included a printable reference to support you in your journey.

free journaling printable

I would love to see what you do! Tag me @confidentcanvas, and, #AOShare and #archerandolive on Instagram, so that we can cheer you on!

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30 Jan 2023 Alli

So awesome

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