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Bullet Journal Themes For Summer

by Hayley Remde 08 Jun 2020 0 Comments

Do the seasons influence your bullet journal themes? They definitely do for me! Here in the Northern Hemisphere it's starting to warm up and summer is fast approaching, so it got me searching for some inspiration for summer themes. I know people in the Southern Hemisphere are getting ready for winter, but if you want to bring some warmth into your days I say go ahead and do a summer theme anyway!! As I always struggle finding themes, I thought it would be brilliant to make a list of some and share them with you. So keep scrolling to get some inspiration!

Recommended Supplies:

  • Journal – As always, it will be no surprise to you that my pick is the Archer and Olive Journal. The lovely and thick pages have no bleeding or ghosting, so you get a clean start for every project spread! Also, it means you can decorate the spread without worrying about it.
  • Pencil – To carefully plan out your ideas so you can make sure your spread has everything you need.
  • Fineliners –My favourites are the Unipin fineliners as they’re waterproof, affordable and have a strong nib.
  • Decorative Touch (optional) – This could be anything from washi to watercolour, or of course, nothing! I usually like to add a personal touch to my spreads so they’re more fun to use and look at.

Using Inspiration

Just before we begin, if you are inspired by any of these artists to make your own spreads and you wish to share it online, always make sure to credit the original artist. Also, make sure to check them out and give them a follow!


I always associate both spring and summer with flowers! I feel like it's one of the best themes because you can really adapt the design to whatever medium you want to use and to your artistic ability. Here are some lovely summery floral spreads for inspiration:

This lovely bright spread by Letizia:

Flower monthly spread

(Image credit: @bujoandcookies on Instagram)


For the creative journalisers out there, you NEED to check out Isabel. This spread is just breathtaking:

Realistic flower spread

(Image credit: @isabelhoops on Instagram)


For a more simple design, these poppies I did for May are really simple and pretty:

Simple flowers

(Image credit: @hayleyremdeart on Instagram. Inspired by @supermassiveblackink)


If you like using watercolours, you'll love these flowers by Liddy:

Watercolour flowers

(Image credit: @instaliddy on Instagram)


Another beautiful flower theme is by Shanise:

Colourful flower spread

(Image credit: @blackandwhitebullet on Instagram)


If you love to doodle, you need to check out Julia! Her spreads are always amazing and she does great season themes:

Doodle flowers

(Image credit: @julia.pezowicz on Instagram)


Finally, this design by Elizabeth would be stunning as a summer bullet journal theme:

Flowers and leaves

(Image credit: on Instagram)

Summer Landscapes

Get into the summer mood by bringing these summer scenes into your bullet journal:

I really want to walk into this cover page by Hannah:

Summery walk

(Image credit: @hannahmariaplans on Instagram)


This cliff scene by Cristina is absolutely stunning:

Cliff painting

(Image credit: @art.crisa on Instagram)


Finally, I had to include another by Hannah. This whole theme was absolutely stunning:

Flower garden

(Image credit: @hannahmariaplans on Instagram)



What do most people want to do in the summer? Go to the beach of course. Here are some spreads to take you to the beach even if you're not there just now:


First of all, here is this stunning beach painting by Elizabeth. It would be the perfect cover page:

Overview beach

(Image credit: on Instagram)


The best part of the beach for me is definitely the sea! Hannah captured that in her journal this month:

Sea painting

(Image credit: @hannahmariaplans on Instagram)


Elizabeth had a really fun way to bring colour AND the sea to her journal for summer:

Doodle Sea

(Image credit: on Instagram)


Another by Hannah. Just how perfect does this beach look?

Sea and boat view

(Image credit: @hannahmariaplans on Instagram)




Maybe it's just me, but I always associate sunsets with summer. I know they happen all year round, but I feel like you appreciate them more on a warm evening. Here's some inspiration to start you off:


The colours in this spread I created really makes me think of a summer sunset:

Sunset cityscape

(Image credit: @hayleyremdeart on Instagram)


Here's another! I find sunsets really fun and easy to do. Just get a couple or paints that blend well and go for it!

Forest sunset

(Image credit: @hayleyremdeart on Instagram)


Wheat Fields

End of spring, early summer is when wheat fields are fully grown. I always find them really beautiful, and so easy to draw paint! Here's some inspiration:


Hannah created this stunning wheat field in her weekly spread.

wheat field weekly

(Image credit: @hannahmariaplans on Instagram)


I also did wheat fields one summer. This was really nice and simple:

Wheat silhouette

(Image credit: @hayleyremdeart on Instagram)


Finally, here's an expert level example by Hannah:

Wheat painting

(Image credit: @hannahmariaplans on Instagram)


Summer Foods

There are some foods you just associate with summer. Here are some theme ideas based in them:

First of all, what is the first thing you think of!? Ice lollies of course!! Here's a truly amazing spread by Liddy:

Ice lolly spread

(Image credit: @instaliddy on Instagram)


Cocktails count as summer food right? Totally! Look at this spread by Shanise:

Cocktail weekly

(Image credit: @blackandwhitebullet on Instagram)


Liddy is killing it with the fruit spreads so I had to include another:

Lemon and bee spread

(Image credit: @instaliddy on Instagram)




I couldn't find many spreads that fit in this theme, but I had to include it because camping really reminds my of summer! So here's a brilliant spread by Shanise:

Camping weekly

(Image credit: @blackandwhitebullet on Instagram)


When the weather gets warmer, it's great to see and hear more animals about. Here are some spreads based on animals that are around in summer:

These perfect butterfly doodles by Letizia:

Butterfly cover page

(Image credit: @bujoandcookies on Instagram)


This breathtaking painting of birds by Isabel. So vibrant and perfect for summer!

Bird painting

(Image credit: @isabelhoops on Instagram)


And last but not least, these gorgeous sea animals by Julia:

Sea animal cover page

(Image credit: @julia.pezowicz on Instagram)


Overall, I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for a summery theme in your bullet journal. If I have, I would love to see, so tag me on Instagram (@hayleyremdeart) and use #hayleyremdeinspired to get the chance to get your creations featured in my stories!

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