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Bullet Journal Travel Page Spread + Doodles

by Liz Gray 01 Jul 2019 0 Comments

Hello, friends, it's Liz from @thegraytergood again! This time, I've got a cute little video for you about how I'm setting up my travel spread for the year. This is a busy year for us and we're hopping all over the US, so I've made it my goal to take a Polaroid photo in each new spot and add it to these pages for a fun little synopsis of all our 2019 travels. 



  • Archer and Olive Journal - I'm using my Night Sky Dot Grid Journal:)
  • Pencil - I prefer a mechanical pencil with 0.5 mm lead so that I can get those little details, but you can use almost any pencil.
  • Pens – My go-to pens are black gelly roll gel pens by Sakura, in size 06 (for more details) and the 08 (for covering larger areas), and the white gelly roll pens in size 10 or 08. 
  • Art Eraser - I love the eraser by Staedlar Mars, it’s white and doesn’t leave any color residue on your page. Plus, if your gelly roll lines are dry, it won’t smudge them! ;) You’ll also probably want the kind of small white eraser that you’ll find on top of your 0.5 mm mechanical pencil for erasing small portions of the page.



I used the dot grid in my journal to map out exactly where to put the letters so that they're all evenly spaced from each other, and made sure that the line spacing was consistent as well. I drew the drop shade one block down and to the right, and then I added white lines to indicated the bottom part of the shadow. You can choose any sort of title you'd like for this spread, but since my husband almost always travels with me I thought that "where we went" was appropriate. My favorite little touch to this title page is the paper airplane, which fills in that negative space nicely and points to the (future) first Polaroid spot. 


I plan to draw small black drop shade frames around the Polaroids after I place them, mirroring the drop shade in the title. I'll also add a little caption that's titled with the city we traveled to as well as a fun little snippet of why we went + a fun memory of our time there. I'm leaving a couple of pages open for this spread so that I can fill it up as much or as little as I want to, and I know I'm going to enjoy looking back at all the photos and relive all the memories once 2019 is over. 




If you decide to recreate this spread, make sure to tag me on Instagram @thegratergood or #thegraytergood so I can see it and share it! :) 

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