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Bullet Journal Comfort List Spread With Cosy Doodle Tutorials

by Content Team 06 Oct 2022 1 comment

Hey guys, Masha here from Masha Plans.

With the cold season approaching, I felt like it was time to get comfy and ready for cozy evenings under a blanket.

I also know that cold weather has a very strong impact on me, so I wanted to have a list of things that make me happy, so next time I’m in a mood, I can just open my journal and choose things from the list.

So yeah, that’s what we’ll be creating today - a list of comfort things, like food, drinks, movies, and such.

But first…


I used a lot of stationery for this page, which really made it really fast to set up. So I definitely recommend all the supplies.

So here is what I used to create this list:

  • Archer and Olive Journal. That’s a no-brainer; I never really use any other journals anymore.
  • Washi tape and stickers from monthly kits. I’m so in love with Archer and Olive monthly kits! They are so helpful and provide all you need to create a complete monthly theme or a themed page in this case.
  • Fineliners and colored markers. Of course, for this little amount of doodling I made, I had to use fineliners and my favorite Calliographs and Zebra Mildliners.

Remember that you can get anything from Archer and Olive with 10% off if you use my affiliate code MASHA10.

doodle supplies


One of my favorite ways to decorate my journal is by using doodles.

Doodling is a fun way not just to decorate your spreads but also to relieve stress and let your brain rest a little bit.

I’m a huge fan of doodling, as you can guess, so even in this spread that is mostly about stickers and washi, I added some doodles.

If you want to do the same - just follow the tutorials below. With a few simple steps, you can add doodles just like these into your journal.

doodle tutorial



When you sit down to do your page, first of all, think of what kind of things you want to include in your list.

It’s easy - just think about what makes you happy and what kind of activities you usually do when you want to cheer up.

For me, it’s mostly about food, drinks, and a cozy evening watching my favorite movies or shows.

comfort doodles up close

Once you have your categories, it’s time to plan your page.

I recommend you do a header first, then think about a few things you want to include there, leave space for as many as you can think of, and then move to the next category.

comfort doodle ideas

Since we’re using stickers and washi, I wouldn’t be too worried about empty space - you can always add a sticker there later.

It’s actually a pretty good idea to make a full list before you sit down to draw this page because you might not have enough space for all the movies, after all.

But hey, if you’re too short on space, you can always just use it as an excuse to create one more page!

full doodle spread



Of course, as a good content creator, I record all the things I do, so here is my Plan With Me video.

I had a lot of fun creating this page, and it already was very useful to cheer me up during a very hard day at work.



You know me, I’d never leave you without a freebie.

So to get you started, here is a little printable list of comfort things, just click on the form below and start using it right away.

free list template

I hope you’ll have fun using this spread and if you ever decide to create one yourself, be sure to tag me @mashaplans and @archerandolive,, #AOShare, and #archerandolive.

Looking forward to seeing your amazing pages!

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1 comment

24 Oct 2022 Katie Burns

I was a wee bit bored tonight. But I came to the blog and had a great time doing this spread. It is terrific for self-esteem, btw! Thank you!

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