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Creative Craft Ideas Using Washi Tape

by Ambassador Team 30 Jun 2023 0 Comments

Hello friends! Caroline here from @carolineace_bujo on instagram & youtube. Hope you’re doing well, and that you’re in the mood to get crafty because today I will be sharing four craft ideas using washi tape! 

I love washi tape for my everyday  journaling, but did you know that washi tape can be used for fun and cute crafts you and your family can enjoy? Today I will be sharing how to make a bookmark, washi tape “paper” flowers, a small decorative banner and a beautiful abstract art piece! So grab your favorite washi tapes and let's start creating!

Washi tape crafts

Tools you will need:

  1. Washi Tape in an assortment of designs/ colors. I have selected some of my favorite ones from @archerandolive.
  2. Card stock paper 
  3. String 
  4. Scissors 
  5. Ruler 
  6. Optional: hole puncher, craft knife and picture frame.


Craft 1: Bookmark

Making a personalized bookmark is super easy and cute! For this craft you will need a piece of cardstock paper, your favorite washi, some string, scissors and a hole puncher. 

To make the bookmark you just need to cut a piece of cardstock paper in a rectangular shape of about 5x2 inches, with rounded corners. Then you will cover the rectangular paper with your favorite washi tape (s) (remeber to keep the corners rounded) and when you’re done you just punch a small hole at the top and run a string through! 



Craft 2: Decorative Banner

You can make a small decorative banner to use on your journals or for room decor. To make the banner you will need washi tape, string and scissors!

Cut a desired length of string (I did mine about 8 inches long) then using alternating washi tape strips of about 2 inches long you will fold each piece in half over the string and place one next to the other with ½ in space in between, once you have about 5 strips of washi lined next to each other you can cut the end of each strip in a upside down V shape:



Craft 3: Paper flowers 

 This one is a kid’s favorite, we will be making rose shaped washi tape “paper flowers”

All you need is washi tape! 

You will start by grabbing a long strip of washi (about 20 inches long) and tape it onto itself in half. Then you will fold the piece onto an L shape and start folding back and forth the strip until there’s no more string. Lastly hold both ends of the strip tight and pull one end all the way down until the washi starts folding into a rose shape. The tape down the pulled end (that will be the rose stem) using a green or brown color washi and you're done! 

paper flowers


Craft 4: Abstract Art

 This one looks the hardest to make but may be one of the easiest art pieces you will ever make! Just grab a ruler, pen, some cardstock paper and your favorite wahis!

Start by creating a few random lines going across your piece of cardstock paper, then using a different assortment of washi cover each section and cut the extra washi right at the marked lines until you fill your entire card stock! Your results will be a colorful piece of abstract art!

abstract art

I have complied a video showing you step by step how I made all of these crafts here:

And if you wish to recreate these, make sure to grab the printable below with a free template for your bookmark and abstract art!

free printable

For more fun crafty ideas check out this blog on indoor craft ideas for kids! 

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