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Creating a Holiday Recipe Ideas Spread + Free Printable

by Guest Blogger 24 Nov 2020 0 Comments

Hey-lo! Marsha here from Do You Salut! Holiday season is here and although it may look a bit different this year sharing a meal with your loved ones is a great way to celebrate surviving this year. This Holiday Recipe Idea spread is a great place to organize which recipes you're considering for your holiday dinners. 


Recommended Supplies: 

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Step 1:  Washi Tape


First step is to simply decorate the edges with washi tape. You can use two different types of tape and layer them on top of each other. The striped and star tapes are from and the Be Thankful/ No Peeking  tape is from Micheal's. If you do not have washi tape you can always decorate with markers, paint, mid-liners or pens. 

Step Two: Label Meal Courses

The next step is to label the different courses of your meal. For my family holiday dinners the courses we usually have are : appetizers, entrees, drinks, and desserts. You can always change it based off how you do your meals, for example you can add side dishes, veggie dish, remove desserts, etc. 

Step 3: Fill It In! 

Now the fun part! As you search for recipes for your dinners you can write them down in your recipe idea spread. Once you pick which recipe you want to cook you can add a star next it.  

 Click here to download a printable of the recipe idea list.


So are you ready for the holiday season? Hope you enjoyed this recipe idea list. If you recreate this spread don't forget to tag us at @doyousalut and @archerandolive. Also tag #shareao for a chance to be featured on our new community page!


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