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Easy Doodle Ideas For Your Winter Bullet Journal + Winter Crafts

by Design Team 16 Dec 2021 0 Comments

winter doodles

Hi doodling friends, it’s Ali of with a bunch of winter doodle ideas to get you through the season!

I might be in Los Angeles where we break out the beanies if it drops below 70 degrees but when I think of winter I like to imagine cool colors in the snowy cold and all the ways to stay warm.

Winter friends like the Narwhal, warm drinks, mittens, and snowy timberlines are all my ideas of winter fun. I’ll live vicariously through my journal this winter with all the doodles, colors, washi, and stickers!

Doodling Supplies!

Notepad: I love using AO notepads for drawing, doodling, and lettering. The lack of spine gives you a nice, big, even surface for drawing! I used this tricolor pad from the summer sub box because the blue paper is perfect!

Acrylographs: For this tutorial I chose cool blues, greens, and grays. These colors help add to the winter mood!

Don’t forget to use AALI10 for all your AO purchases!



Winter Doodles

Snow, cold, and cozy, coming right up! I wanted to keep all the doodles super simple so anyone can make them. They’re also versatile so you can change a line or a color here and there to make each doodle your own!


Once you get the basics down, growing your doodle list and skills is easy!

Here are some more winter doodle ideas!

  • fireplace
  • soup bowl
  • book
  • socks
  • beanie
  • blanket
  • s’mores
  • ice skates
  • sled/sleigh
  • sweater
  • reindeer 


Doodle along with me here!



Don‘t forget to download the doodle tutorial printable so you can practice all winter long!


I hope you enjoyed my blog post and got a ton of inspiration for doodling all winter long! Don’t forget to tag me, and in all your winter doodle posts so we can see and celebrate your creativity! Thanks for reading!

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