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Faux Alcohol Ink in your Bullet Journal

by Nicola Knobel 28 Jul 2020 0 Comments

Creating something in my bullet journal is always really fun and when I want to try something different because I am totally in love alcohol ink and the design! 

So Hi! Nicola here from My Inner Creative and today we are creating a simple fake alcohol ink art of - you wont need much to get started with this little art piece.

What will you need?

1. Your notebook

2. Watercolors of choice

3. Acrylograph Pens

4. A gold gelly roll.

How will you do it?

Again this is really simple!

1. Place the lightest layer of watercolor on the bottom - let it dry fully

2. Keep layering with darker colors in differing shapes

3. Go over the shapes with the gold and white pens - keep the lines thin and make sure the other 

This is such a simple way to make this faux pattern and I cant wait to see how you create this in your notebook!

Video on how to create faux alcohol ink patterns

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