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February Rainbow Pattern Cover Page Tutorial

by Adrienne Castleton 27 Jan 2020 0 Comments

Hello friends, Adrienne from @studio80design here to share a tutorial on how to create a February rainbow pattern cover page in your dot grid notebook using my favorite markers, the Tombow TwinTone Rainbow Marker Set! The great thing about these markers is they are dual-tipped, so there's a broad tip and a fine tip. I love creating rainbow pattern pages with these markers in my Archer and Olive Dot Grid Notebooks and I thought it would be fun to create one for my February cover page!

Materials you’ll need:

Learn how to create a February Rainbow Pattern Cover Page with Adrienne from @studio80design! 


Step 1

The first step is to draw a circle in the center of your Archer and Olive Dot Grid Notebook Page using the Helix Circle Maker and a pencil. I usually count down the columns and rows to find the center dot and then draw the circle from that point.

Learn how to create a February Rainbow Pattern Cover Page with Adrienne from @studio80design!

Step 2

Organize your TwinTone Rainbow Markers by the colors you are going to use them. I'm going to start with pink and then go through the rainbow colors. Take the first color (pink) and draw a rectangle using the broad tip across the top of the page that extends three rows down.

Step 3

Use the broad tip of the pink marker to draw diagonal lines from the top of the rectangle to the bottom, each line being three rows across. Then use the fine tip to draw parallel lines in-between the broad lines to fill in the space all the way across the rectangle.

Step 4

Once your pink rectangle is filled in with the diagonal lines, draw another rectangle with the broad tip of the red marker, only this time the rectangle will extend four rows down. When you draw the diagonal lines, draw them in the opposite direction from the pink lines, but making sure the ends meet at the top. These diagonal lines will be four rows across. Use the fine tip to fill in the rectangle as well.

Step 5

Continue making this pattern using all the colors from the TwinTone Rainbow Set. Make sure to alternate which direction the diagonal lines are drawn in order to make a zig-zag pattern. When you get to the circle we drew in the middle, do not draw lines inside that circle. We'll be using it later to write in the calendar for February. The last rectangle will extend three rows down just like the very first. If you follow this pattern you can use ten colors in this pattern page.

Learn how to create a February Rainbow Pattern Cover Page with Adrienne from @studio80design!

Step 6

The last step is to write in "February" inside the top of the circle with the Fudenosuke Twin Tip Brush Pen. Then write in the dates for the calendar below it with the MONO Drawing Pen 01. Erase any extra pencil marks from drawing the circle with an eraser. And you're done!

Learn how to create a February Rainbow Pattern Cover Page with Adrienne from @studio80design!


Thanks so much for visiting today, I had fun using these markers to create this color February rainbow pattern cover page in my notebook! For more inspiration like this make sure to follow me @studio80design!

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