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FULL REVEAL Of The A&O December 2022 Subscription Box

by Content Team 05 Dec 2022 0 Comments

Hi everyone! We are so excited to fully reveal all the items in the December 2022 Subscription Box: Cozy Cafe. New subscribers will be able to get the box December 5th at 9am CT!!

The best part about receiving a subscription box is getting the chance to try new things. We always try to include some new products, designs, and options every quarter.

This collection in particular was created to inspire you to snuggle up and get cozy to be creative, and we curated this box to have the tools for you to do just that. As you open the box, we want it to feel like you’ve just taken a walk along cobblestone streets during a snowy evening, and you’ve ducked into the coziest, charming cafe along the way to wait out the storm. Sipping on a warm latte, you feel inspired enough to open your journal and create some magic. 

The items in this box are intended for when you want to use your books and supplies in a very intentional and unique way. Maybe by creating collages, intentional journaling, or dedicated to something important to you.

If you haven't received your box yet, don't worry! You can easily plan out ideas and get excited for your new supplies by reading this blog. Excited to get creative? Then let's jump right into the box!

What’s In The December Sub Box? 

The team was inspired by European architecture, cafes with mosaic flooring, flower shops, artisanal lattes and tea. When you open your box, we want you to feel transported to your favorite coffee shop.

Inside the box you’ll find: 

  • 8x8 Linen Notebook With Lined Pages
  • A5 Printed Hardcover Notebook With Dot Grid Pages
  • Embossed Art Mug
  • Acrylograph Storage “Tea” Tin
  • Metal Stationery Scissors 
  • Collaging Set of Vellum Sheets
  • Embellishing Stickers 
  • Set Of 4 Washi Tapes
  • Set Of 5 Gel Pens 
  • Set Of 2 Mechanical Pencils

8X8 Linen Notebook With Lined Pages - Cozy Cafe

We know that many of you have wanted to find a lined notebook or an 8x8 notebook in our subscription boxes, so we thought it would be nice to combine them into one gorgeous journal! 

The cover of this notebook features a Cozy Cafe design, inspired by the architecture of European coffee shops. The design is pressed into the gray linen cover of each notebook. We wanted the look and feel of the notebook to be reminiscent of a favorite sweater or cozy blanket. The pages inside are lined, which is perfect for intentional journaling, note taking, or planning. 

A5 Printed Hardcover Notebook With Dot Grid Pages - Floral Bistro 

Next up, our second journal in the box is an A5 dot grid journal. Because the main notebook in this box could feel a little intimidating, we wanted this one to feel more approachable for bullet journalers. The cover is made from a printed hardcover material, and features a gorgeous swirl of floral, muted pastel, and warm cups of coffee embellished with latte art. It’s an enchanting journal that's made for lovers of coffee shops and we hope that it instantly fills you up with inspiration. 

Embossed Art Mug 

We’re so excited to share that this time around we’ve included a custom-made embossed art mug! We’ve wanted to create a mug for some time now, and we felt it tied perfectly into the theme. The interior of the mug is designed to match the cover of the Floral Bistro A5 notebook, while the exterior of the mug is designed to match the daisy mosaic patterns featured throughout the box. 

Fill your mug up with your favorite drink as you settle into creating or journaling!

Acrylograph Storage “Tea” Tin

Even though this box is heavily inspired by coffee, we wanted to include something for the tea lovers out there as well! We were inspired by those classic metal tea tins that you store loose leaf teas in, and we thought it’d be a cute way to store Acrylograph pens as well. The circular tin holds our Acrylographs perfectly, so you can use it on the go or on your desk as a decorative  pencil holder.

Collaging Set of Vellum Sheets

Next up, this box contains 8 luxurious vellum sheets that feature a daisy mosaic tile pattern in different shades of muted pastels and creams. You can use these sheets to create one-of-a-kind collages or bullet journal spreads in your notebook. We hope you get to use these sheets in an intentional way, and feel inspired to create with them. 

Metal Stationery Scissors

To go with the theme of collaging, we’ve included the perfect tool: Metal Stationery Scissors. This high-end gold scissor is ideal for cutting precise and crisp edges and designs onto any kind of paper. 

Embellishing Stickers 

Stickers are really useful in collages and mixed media pieces, so we thought it’d be helpful to include some in this box! To keep in with the cozy cafe theme, the stickers are full of latte-inspired designs and are embellished with gold accents. 

Set Of 4 Washi Tapes

We really wanted the washi tape to fit into the cozy cafe theme of the box . The designs are full of delicate, adorable patterns that are reminiscent of latte art, daisy mosaic tiles, and the European architecture of cute coffee shops.

Set Of 5 Gel Pens 

Gel pens are perfect for adding decorations to the collages you make using the supplies in this box or doodles to your journals! We included a set of gel pens that match the muted pastels found throughout the box. 

This set of gel pens includes 5 shades: 

  • Cobblestone Gray
  • Hibiscus Frappe
  • Dusk Blue 
  • Rose Tea
  • Iced Latte

Set Of 2 Mechanical Pencils

Last but not least, we knew straight away we had to add a set of mechanical pencils in this box! They pair perfectly with the lined notebook included in this box and are ideal for intentional journaling and writing down your thoughts. We made sure to include two pens, so you can either gift one to a loved one or keep both for yourself. 

And that's everything in the box!! To see a full unboxing of the box and each item in detail, make sure to head here:

We hope you love this box just as much as we do. Remember you can sign up tomorrow 5th December at 9am CT and you will receive this box! We would love fro you to tag us at or with #archerandolive on Instagram so we can see your creations! Or even better, we would love for you to share in the community Facebook group! (Archer & Olive Community)

Hope you have a magical day!

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