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Aesthetic Decoration Tutorial With Wood Slices | Craft Ideas

by Design Team 05 Dec 2021 0 Comments

wood slice project

Are you looking for wood slice inspiration? Look no further. This is a blogpost about wood slice ideas made with Acrylograph pens! 

Acrylograph pens are water-based acrylic pens. The ink is perfectly opaque, so it works on wood slices. Get yourself a set of wood slices, grab a few paint pens and get started. 


Hi! It’s Kate from @stick.with.kate on Instagram and with this blogpost I hope to get your hands inspired for your next crafting session. Create three fun wood slice projects using your Acrylograph paint pens. 

Are you ready to start crafting with me? I’ve used the following supplies: 

  • Archer & Olive Acrylograph pens: Click on this link or use code KATE10 to save money on your order! These pens are perfect if you’re looking for opaque ink! 
  • Gouache paint for the base layers
  • Wood slices 
  • Pencil: for sketching! 

Project no. 1: Home Sweet Home

First up is the Home Sweet Home sign. I started by adding a base layer using Winsor & Newton black Acrylic gouache. Allow the base layer to completely dry before lettering Home Sweet Home. 

home sweet home

I sketched the text using a white colored pencil and went over it with my white Acrylograph pen. And voila, it’s done! I got the inspo from Pinterest and I absolutely LOVE how this one turned out!

Project no. 2: Mountains


For this project I used the following Acrylograph pens:

  • Forest Green (Warm Fall collection)
  • Pine Green (Cool Fall collection)
  • Evergreen (Plant Based Bride collab)
  • Olive (Jewel collection)
  • Jardin (Spring: Awakening collection)

I started by sketching out the mountains and filled them in using different tones of green. I doodled the pine trees using black gouache. I don’t particularly love how this one turned out. I bet you can create a prettier one! I’d love to see it! 

Project no. 3: Orange

For the last project I started by adding a white base layer using gouache. I let the base layer dry completely before sketching out the design. After the sketch I started coloring using my Acrylograp pens. I used the Orange and the Yellow from the Primary collection. 


These are super easy and fun projects you can create within minutes! 

Watch this timelapse to see how I created these fun wood slice projects. 


Now it’s your turn! Download your FREE reference sheet here if you’d like to recreate these projects. I’ve added one extra reference as a bonus. The reference sheet is an instant download, and you can print it at home or a local printer store or library. 

craft idea template

Did you like these wood slice projects?! I’d love to see what you create. Use the hashtag #archerandolive or #archerandolivecommunity. Don’t forget to tag me on @stick.with.kate and @archerandolive so we can see your work. Have fun!

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