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Homemade Holiday Ornaments Tutorial | Fun Holiday Craft Ideas

by Design Team 17 Nov 2021 0 Comments

 Hello! Ericka from @Crafteinated here with a fun and simple holiday gift tutorial!

Holiday season is rapidly approaching. Soon it will be time for gifts and decorations, as well as important time with loved ones. 

Today, I will show you a simple and easy arts and craft that children and adults can do. This DIY can be used for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, or any other holiday around the world you would like! It can be used as an ornament to decorate your tree or as a gift for friends and family.

Supplies used for Holiday Gift:


Acrylographs: I used ones from the Tropical and the Metallic collection

Three inch acrylic blank: I got mine from Amazon



Printable Guide

Ornament hook (optional)

You can use code Crafteinated10 for 10% off Archer & Olive products!


Getting Started


Once you’ve decided on how you would like your acrylic blank to look, gather your supplies. I’ve decided to do mine in a pink and blue color scheme. I personally love non-traditional holiday colors!

remove plastic

Make sure that if your acrylic blank has a sheath on it to remove it. If yours does not, you may want to clean it off with mild soap and water or an alcohol swab. 

Decorating your acrylic blank

trace printable

You can use the printable guide I have included. I am using the “Happy Holidays” one to trace. Since you can see through the acrylic blank you can trace just about anything! You can also make your own creation.

add embellishments

Once you have your message on you are free to decorate as much or as little as you would like. I am adding stars and polka dots.


Finishing touches

It is very important to make sure your blank is dry before proceeding!

Once you have ensured your artwork is dry it is time to add a fun bow!

finishing touches

I have used a pink polka dot ribbon. All you have to do is feed the ribbon through the hole at the top and tie it into a bow.

Once you are happy with how your bow looks you can tidy up the edges. 

add bow

Next you can add the hook through the back of your ornament if you wish. I fed it through behind the ribbon loop under the knot. 

tie bow

Finished product 

Your gift is now complete!! There are so many different combinations and themes you can do to make whatever you want!

finished ornaments


If you want to see me create this in action and talk through how I use the printable, make sure to watch this video!



And of course, don’t forget to download and print the template here:

ornament printable

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you make one please share your creation by using the #archerandolivecommunity hashtag! I’d love to see what you do! Happy Creating!

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