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How To: Autumn Bucket-List + 46 Ideas to add to it!

by Guest Blogger 17 Oct 2020 1 comment

Hey ! I’m Aly from @bujo_aly on Instagram.

Autumn is my absolute favorite season, and I think that many of you would agree with that ! There are just endless activities and things that could only be done in this beautiful season.

For this reason, I would like to share this year’s autumn-bucket-list.

 In this blog post you'll see my step-by-step tutorial how I made my autumn-bucket list that is easy to transfer in your bullet journal as a addition to your autumn-y spreads.

So, let’s start!


These are the materials that I used for this project:

  • Archer and Olive Notebook  ( I used the A5 Vintage Bee Dot Grid Notebook)
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Fineliner ( I like to use the Sakura Pima Micron in 005 and 03)
  • Acrylograph Pens (Jewel Collection)
  • Tombow ABT Dual Brushpen and Fudenosuke
  • White Uniball pen



step 1


First things first: a light sketch where you could decide how the layout will look like in the end. There are no limits to the possibilities. I also added a few doodles to some of the tasks and a quote on the lower right side.


step 2


I first wrote the header with the dark blue Acrylograph in a faux calligraphy. Just take your time with designing the letters the way you like them.


step 3


Now it’s time to color in the doodles. I used different yellow, orange and red tones to stay in that autumn-y color-palette. For the details and the outline, I used the 005 fineliner from Sakura Pigma Micron. The white Uniball pen is for the reflects on the doodles.



step 4


Next: Write down the tasks of the bucket-list and the finishing touches with the 03 fineliner. (Down below, I added a list with even more tasks and ideas, what you can do in your autumn-bucket-list)

For the sentences I made first a circle that you can tick off or color in when you’ve finished the task.


I hope you enjoyed this Step-by-Step tutorial of my autumn-bucket-list! If you recreate the spread, make sure to tag me @bujo_aly on Instagram so I can check yours out!





  • cook a pumpkin-soup
  • pick colorful leaves
  • carve a pumpkin
  • have a cozy film-night
  • make an autumn-moodboard
  • create a Halloween-costume
  • go on a walk on a foggy morning
  • make an autumn-wreath
  • celebrate thanksgiving/ Friendsgiving
  • have a bonfire
  • have a tasteful latte
  • bake pumpkin cookies
  • go apple picking
  • visit a pumpkin patch
  • knit a scarf
  • bake a pie from scratch
  • craft with fallen leaves
  • snuggle up and read a book
  • cook a squash recipe
  • create autumn playlist
  • jump in a pile of leaves
  • buy a autumn-scented candle
  • watch a scary movie
  • make caramel apples
  • take a walk in the forest
  • take a walk in the rain (don’t forget the umbrella)
  • visit a corn maze
  • drink apple cider
  • roast marshmallows
  • bake pumpkin-bread
  • make a Halloween-party
  • have a cozy picnic
  • eat & drink all the pumpkin flavored things you can
  • step on a crunchy leave
  • go to a haunted house
  • visit a grave yard bay night
  • have a autumn photo shoot
  • make something Oktoberfest themed
  • make your home smell like autumn with lots of candles
  • go through a corn or hay maze
  • bake an apple pie
  • watch a football game
  • make s’mores
  • thrift a cozy fall sweater
  • go trick or treating
  • go on a bike ride
  • roast pumpkin seeds
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1 comment

01 Nov 2023 Barbara Gail Filson
All incredibly wonderful ideas!! Thank you so much. ♥️👍🏼🤗

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