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How To: Bullet Journal Floral Theme - Video Tutorial

by Nabaa Afridi 15 Aug 2020 0 Comments

Hello, hello, hello! It’s Nabaa from over on Instagram @whimsical.doodles!

If you couldn't tell by that intro, I'm super excited about today's post!! I've been working on an idea for this monthly cover page for a while now but have only just found the time to put it into action! If you follow me on Instagram, you KNOW I love my jewel tones and floral doodles. This cover page is a combination of both of those things! Scroll down to find the video of this tutorial!

Bullet Journal Monthly Cover Page - Floral Doodles

Floral Theme Bullet Journal

Alright, so here's what you'll need to recreate this cover page! 

Video Tutorial:


Step 1: 

To start off, you want to paint the background of your illustration. Now you can pick virtually any colour you want! I chose to do this using a warm burgundy/rust colour! I played around with paints and mixed until I had the colour I wanted. You could also instead use the stunning burgundy color from the Acrylographs Jewel Selection

Bullet Journal Theme - Florals

Step 2:

Once your base colour has dried, start doodling! Use a pencil to lightly doodle in your flowers, leaves, moons, and stars. You'll go over these in the next step with a white pen. 

Bullet Journal Theme - Florals

So a quick little tip - I actually practice my cover pages on my iPad before getting them on paper! It makes things so much easier when setting up in my journal. So I'd definitely recommend practicing your designs either digitally or in a spare notebook. Get your hands used to drawing the different elements of the cover page before you feel confident working on the painted background! 

Step 3:

Start inking your pencil drawings! Use the white Gelly Roll of the white pen from the Acrylograph set!

Florals Theme Bullet Journal

Step 4:

And the final step - add in a piece of kraft paper to the top! Add in your month in white, and you're done!

Journal Theme - Florals

I absolutely LOVE how this turned out and I hope you did too! if you decide to recreate it, I’d so love to see! Reach out over on Instagram @whimsical.doodles and tag me to share!

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