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How To Create A Level 10 Life Spread In Your Bullet Journal

by Guest Blogger 28 Dec 2020 1 comment

Hey guys, Masha here from Masha Plans.

With 2021 quickly approaching it’s time to think about setting your goals and evaluating your life, and that’s exactly what we will be talking about today.

One of my favorite techniques to figure out where I am and set my goals is level 10 life.


This is a technique that came from Hal Elrod’s book My Miracle Morning.

The idea is pretty simple. You measure your success in 10 areas of your life and according to that you then build up your goals to create a level 10 in all your areas.

level 10 life, bullet journal, archer and olive, masha plans

A quick note here - it’s kind of impossible to have 10 on all the areas all the time, so when you start thinking of a few areas you want to build up a bit and start from there.

Instead of doing 10 for all the areas try to make them all equally good.

I really love this technique because I know I can end up putting too much time and effort into just one area and totally forget about others.

When this happens, your other areas usually go down and whether you know why or now you’ll end up not being that happy.

So this is an amazing way to remind yourself to think wider, to think about your life as a whole, not just one area.


What are the areas we are talking about here?

Well, here are the original areas as they were presented in the My Miracle Morning book:

  • Friends and Family

With the pandemic and general business of life, it’s pretty easy to forget about human contact, and put your relationships at the back.

But you really shouldn’t do that. Contact with your friends and family is very important for general happiness and mental health.

So evaluate how you’re doing on this front and set goals to be more mindful and contact more with the loved ones.

  • Personal development

This is about growing as a person, about mental growth, about building yourself into the best version you can be.

I found that this is also an area I usually struggle with. But honestly, I probably struggle in most of the areas, apart from my career.

  • Spirituality

This can absolutely be about religion, but it doesn’t have to. This area is about finding your inner peace, whether it is praying or meditation.

This is about learning to be kind to yourself and the world around you.

  • Finances

Money can’t buy happiness but it surely can make you more comfortable, so it’s definitely an area you want to work on.

It’s important to think long term, to consider investments, savings. Financial stability really is so important for your happiness, wouldn’t you say?

  • Career

When you have to go to a job you hate every working day - this chips away so much from your happiness. And think about how much time you spend at the office, do you really want to keep spending that much time on something you hate?

Think of what you’d like to do instead and set goals on how you can improve your working situation.

This obviously isn’t going to happen in one day, it took me about 2-3years to fix my situation, but as long as you’ll keep at it you’ll see the result and your levels going up.

  • Fun and Recreation

These two are just as important as any other area. If you don’t have a good rest and reboot your brain you won’t be good for anything, so be sure to keep this area up as well as all the others.

  • Giving or Contribution

This might not seem to have anything to do with your personal happiness, but it actually does. The act of giving and helping people actually does help you to feel happier and more fulfilled.

It doesn’t have to be anything too complicated either, if you don’t have any money to donate, simply donate your time to a local shelter or a charity organization.

  • Physical Environment

Dark cluttered space will keep you down, while a bright organized will help you feel lighter and more motivated.

It seems like not much, but it’s actually very important, so take a moment to evaluate the environment around you and think about how you can improve it.

  • Heath and Fitness

This is kind of the obvious one - you should do your best to keep your physical shape. When you’re healthy you’re happy and can spend the time on some more fun things.

So take a look at what you’re doing for your health and figure out what you can do better or more of.


Before we get into setting up level 10 life in your Bullet Journal let me tell you what I used.

First is my Archer and Olive square journal, which I love so much and it’s absolutely perfect for such a spread.

Then I also used some of my acrylograph pens.

If you want to buy anything from Archer and Olive be sure to use code MASHA10 that will give you 10% off your order.


Here is how you set up a level 10 life spread in your Bullet Journal.

On one side, you create a wheel with all the areas and use it to evaluate your life.

On the opposite side, you write the name of an area and set a goal or two on how you can improve it. 

level 10 life, masha plans, archer and olive, bullet journal, goal setting

Pretty simple!

But I know circles aren’t that easy to draw, so here are a few more ways you can create this wheel.

Square Level 10 Chart

This way is much easier to set up and it still looks pretty nice and easy to understand. 

bullet journal, archer and olive, level 10 life, masha plans

Level 10 Life Chart

You can also create a chart instead of a circle. I love how professional the charts look and you can play around and design them very differently.

bullet journal, level 10 life, archer and olive, masha plans

Level 10 Life Mandala

Mandalas are so calm and wonderful to draw, so you can implement this practice into your level 10 life chart as well.

You can create a full mandala and just color the parts for evaluation, or just create as many layers as levels you have in each area.

bullet journal, level 10 life, masha plans, archer and olive

Creative Level 10 Life

Think of the theme you have currently in your Bullet Journal and I bet you can use that to create your level 10 life spread.

If it’s florals - use little flowers with 10 pedals to keep track of your life levels.

bullet journal, bujo, level 10 life, archer and olive, masha plans

And of course, for a boba tea theme you can draw boba cups and add as many boba balls as the levels you achieve in the area..


Want to see me setting up all those different level 10 life pages? Check out the video below!


If you decide to create a level 10 life spread in your Bullet Journal, be sure to tag me @mashaplans and @archerandolive on Instagram, we would love to see your creations.

Keep Bullet Journaling and Don’t Be A Blob!

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1 comment

30 Jan 2023 Tamryn

This super inspiring, especially at the start of the new year. Thank you so much!

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