Blending With Gel Pens | How To Create Gel Pen Gradients

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Creating Gel Pen Gradients - BLending With Gel Pens


Recently I was gifted with some (totally awesome) gel pens. Such a flash back! We used these all the time in junior high. What I have now discovered, that I was unaware of all those years ago - gel pens blend REALLY WELL! It's super easy, and I can't wait to share the how-to with you all. 


Gel Pens - I'm using Gelly Roll. They have always been my favorite. 

Quality, thick paper - Like the paper you find in Archer and Olive sketchbooks. Wet gel is like paint, and you really need a paper without a tooth (for maximum smooth) and thick enough to withstand the ink. 

Paper towel or rag - This will be getting ink on it. 

Before getting started: This works best with two colors that are close to each other on the color wheel. Although, I have had some success working with two colors on opposite sides. 


Step 1:

Start with your lighter color ink. Draw the entire shape you would like to apply the gradient to. 



Step 2:

Apply your darker ink on top of the lighter ink in the areas you would like the darker ink to appear at 100%, as well as the area you would like the gradients to appear. 



Step 3:

With your lighter pen, go over the areas you would like only the gradient to appear. Continue drawing over the area until you create a gradient you are happy with. Wipe off any excess ink that appears on the tip with a rag. 



  • Wow thank you so much it is so creative yet so easy.

    Michelle on

  • By the way do you know what pens you use?

    A.Npupplover on

  • Love the awesome technique!

    A.Npuppylover on

  • Amazing! I never knew you could make gradients with gel pens!

    Harper on

  • What colors do you recommend for beginers

    Blue Fox on

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