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How to Customize Your Bullet Journal Pages for School.

by Maria Irina 28 Aug 2019 0 Comments

Hey guys, Masha here from Masha Plans! Today we’ll be doing Bullet Journal pages for school.

Bullet Journal is a great tool and can be super useful for organizing your school life. At the same time, I know being a student means struggling to find time to do anything, so it might be a bit too much to set up a whole separate BuJo for school.

But panic not! I’m here to help and give you some fun ideas on little things you can add and modify in your current Bullet Journal to make it work for you as a study planner as well.


Archer and Olive B5 Journal – a bigger journal size will allow you to actually fit all your school stuff in one notebook! You could easily use this journal for taking notes as well.

If you want to get yourself one, you can always use code MASHA10 to get 10% off your order.

Zebra Mildliner Highlighters and Brush Pens – these are my absolute favorite markers you can use to add some color to your pages and highlight the important information. Color coding is super useful and visually will help you memorize things much easier.

UniPin Fineliner Pens – my current favorite fineliner pens.

Future Log => Semester Overview

The first thing you create in your Bullet Journal is a future log. Ok ok, there’s also key and index so maybe the Future Log isn’t the very first spread, but it’s definitely there at the beginning.

Our Future log is a great place to create an outlook of things to come and you can easily use it for your semester overview.

archer and olive, future log, bullet journal, study journal, semester overview, zebra mildliners

(Created by me, @mashaplans on Instagram)

Start from creating a color code – assign a color to each subject you’ll have. Then just add the dates for exams, assignments, quizzes and such to your Future Log and color code each of them with the matching subject.

Just like that, you’ll have an outlook on all the important deadlines for you to keep, so you’ll be more prepared and will remember in advance when to start studying extra hard.

Extra Tip! Try to keep the same color code for the whole semester. You’ll find that pretty soon, you match the colors to the subject and it’ll be easier for you to memorize the information.

Sleep Tracker => Study Tracker

Sleep is a very important part of our lives; in fact, I’d say it’s probably the most important one! As a student, it’ll be really beneficial for you to track your sleep and make sure you get enough rest to stay in your top shape.


(Created by me, @mashaplans on Instagram)

You also can use this tracker in a different way, by adding a study component. Since you probably already have the table and everything ready, just assign a different color to your studying sessions and add them here.

This will also be great since you’ll be able to see a correlation between sleep and study and figure out the best amount of both per day.

Monthly Log => Study Plan

Imagine a monthly log in a B5 Journal, there is so much space! Use this space to help you with your studies.

You can, of course, use it in any way you want – to write your homework, recommended reading or pretty much anything school-related. 

archer and olive, zebra mildliners, B5 notebook, study journal, monthly log, monthly overview, bullet journal, bujo

(Created by me, @mashaplans on Instagram)

Here however I offer to use it to create a study plan. If you moved all your assignments and quizzes from your future log, you should have a pretty clear understanding of what you need to study. So why not use all the extra space to create a plan for yourself and block out some time in advance to properly prepare for whatever your professor throws at you.

Weekly Log 

There are so many things you can do with your weekly logs! It all depends on what you need in your weekly and what other spreads you have in your Bullet Journal, so check the list below and choose whatever works best for you:

  • Study/sleep tracker
  • Meal plan
  • Assignments
  • Study plan
  • Schedule
  • Spending log
  • Homework

archer and olive, B5 notebook, study journal, bullet journal, weekly log, weekly spread, meal plan, zebra mildliners

(Created by me, @mashaplans on Instagram)

If you’re using a B5 journal as I did here, you’ll quickly learn the benefits – you can fit so much more information in your weekly logs! 

I hope this gave you some inspiration for customizing your journal for a new school year and you’re ready to rock it! 

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