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How To: Floral Frame Illustration (Bonus - FREE Practice Printable!)

by Nabaa Afridi 12 Aug 2019 5 Comments

Hello and welcome back! Nabaa here from @whimsical.doodles. Wow has it been an exciting couple of days for Archer and Olive! Have you checked out the amazing new products yet? I am most excited to get my hands on the Watercolor Journal! 

Anywho, getting back to today's post, we have another fun entry showcasing the Blackout Journal! For today's entry, I'll be creating this floral frame in my Blackout! Book. Head over to @casually.created to check out the original inspiration! 

And BONUS! - you also get free printable floral practice sheets! To download, head over to the bottom of the page and enter your email! 


Here are the materials you'll need to recreate this floral frame:


1. Start by creating the frame.

Use a ruler to mark where you would like to lay it down and using the white gelly roll, draw in the frame. 

Archer and Olive Blackout Book Lettering

2. Start adding florals

Once you have your border drawn in, start by adding in any type of florals you want! You'll notice I generally like to start with white - adding in stalks and leaves first before going in with the second color to add in flowers and details!

Archer and Olive Blackout Book Illustration

Continue adding in details where you find necessary until you're happy with your frame!

Archer and Olive Blackout Book

3. Add lettering

After you're done filling in the border, add in your favorite quote! I used the faux calligraphy method to add in the quote. Adrienne from @studio80design has this covered as part of her tutorial here

    Blackout Book Archer and Olive Floral Illustration

    And we're done! I absolutely love how this piece came together! The black paper works brilliantly to make the colors pop! Looking for more lettering inspo? Check out the amazing lettering pieces done using the Blackout Book - 


    2 Page Lettering Spread 

    Blackout Book Lettering

    Created by @sunlightandsage_


    Vibrant floral spread!

    Archer and Olive Blackout Book Illustration

    Created by @twitcherwrites


    Using multiple lettering techniques!

    Blackout Book Lettering

    Created by @foxtailcreativedesigns


    Stipling Illustration!

    Archer and Olive Blackout Book

    Created by @littlemissrose


    Ready to create your own? If you haven't already, make sure to check out The BLACKOUT Book! And don't forget to download your free printable! For more inspiration like this, make sure to follow me @whimsical.doodles!


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    21 Oct 2021 Julie Memmolo


    28 Apr 2021 Annie

    i love your florals

    23 Sep 2019 Amanda

    Key in your email address at the bottom of the post! And then you will be able to download the printables(:

    06 Sep 2019 Michelle Koehler

    I need to know what you are using in the blackout books to cover mistakes. I have yet to find something that works.

    16 Aug 2019 Diane Brewster

    Hey yall, it took me a bit to see it🙂, but at the bottom of the post, just above where the comments start, is a place to enter your email address to receive the printable. 😁

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