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How to: Letter with Acrylograph Pens (paint pen tutorial)

by Guest Blogger 07 Jan 2021 0 Comments

Hey there! It's Ginevra from @ginnjournals on instagram. 

Christmas season is already began and with Christmas knocking at our doors we are all busy preparing gifts and cards. I always loved to customized cards for friends and family with some cute lettering on it.  

So since we have to stay home more and more I thought, why not? I can share some lettering tips so we can make some marvellous Christmas cards! Let's start from basis!



Supplies you’ll need:

  • Archer and Olive A5 Rainbow notebook on black cover with dot grid pages
  • Acrylograph pens Primary section 0.7mm tip
  • Acrylograph pens Jewel section 0.7 mm tip 
  • Pencil and eraser 

Let's letter!


1) Usually at first I draw a sketch of the letters (perfectionist alert!) so I can fix everything before using the pens! Choose whichever style you like! And if you don't like the result don't rush it, no one has a magic wand, with time you'll be better and better :)

Step 1: Pencil sketch

2) Then I use the putty rubber so I can still see a little bit of the sketch but not enough to be seen after I'll use the pen! 

Step 2: Putty rubber

3) When you have done all the letter or the quote (it's completely up to you), you can start you lettering with Acrylograph! I had so much fun, especially because you can blend the colors together. 

Step 3: Lettering

4) Blending the colors is the funniest thing! you can choose which color to blend together but I went on a safe road and I blended in a color scale.

4) Lettering and Blending

5) Alternately to lettering you can do a simple monoline: the result is delicate and you can still blend the colors. Same step as before, pencil, putty rubber and color! 

Step 5) Alternative lettering: Monoline

And there you have it! Some tip on how to letter with Acrylograph! Last minute tip, try to blend more that one color together! Who knows what will come up :)

Final result

Thank you for staying that long! I really hope that these tips will be helpful for you so you can create wonderful art works. Feel free to come and say hi on Instagram, I am always happy to meet new people :)

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