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How To Make Unique DIY Gift Wrapping Using Recycled Paper

by Ambassador Team 01 Nov 2023 0 Comments

Hello friends, Caroline here from @carolineace_bujo & the ambassador team.

Today I wanted to show you how to make and customize your own gift wrap using recycled paper. Be ready for a fun environmentally friendly tutorial you and your family can enjoy this holiday season.

gifts made with customized recycled paper gift wrap

For supplies you’ll gather items you probably already have in your home:

  1. Packaging or kraft  paper, this usually comes in your boxes if you have placed any online orders, or you can use paper bags from the grocery store too.
  2. Assortment of Pens (Today I will be using my favorite archer & olive calliograph colors)
  3. Any type of dried greenery or filler florals (I collected mine from an arrangement I had)
  4. Some Twine, or ribbons
  5. Scissors and tape 
  6. optional you can use the free template below for the design


Now let's get started!, the first step to customizing your gift wrap is to measure the paper so it fits perfectly over your gift like this:

Paper measured to gift size

Once you have cut your paper to the right size, you can begin to doodle over with your favorite pens. For this tutorial I will be showing you how I used the free printable below so feel free to start with that if you'd like! 

I traced over the pattern with a dark brown color, and continued until the entire paper was filled.

tracing the pattern on gift wrap paper

Once my pattern has filled the entire paper, it is time to add some color, this is where you can use your gift receiver’s favorite colors for extra personalization.

coloring into the pattern

Once you're happy with your final design, begin wrapping your gift, tip* I like using a tape runner for a seamless look.

Wrapping the gift

Next is time to add the final touches, I added twine around it, dried greenery and I made a little name tag sticker.

Final look

And that’s all! You can use different colors, and different patterns to create customizable and personalized gift wraps for the special people in your life.

You can check out my youtube video too if you like to follow along the steps to re create this gift wrapping tutorial:

Don't forget to get your free printable and for more on gifting check out this blog on DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas With Pressed Flowers And Leaves.

free printable

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