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How To Start A Watching Bullet Journal To Track TV Shows, Movies and More!

by Design Team 06 Mar 2022 0 Comments

Hello Friends! I’m Dano from @danosbujo on Instagram and Youtube! Today I’ll be sharing with you a new Journal I started!!! My Watching Journal!!! It’s such a cool way to track what I watch and journaling about the shows I’m enjoying! I’m using the amazing Pypah Collaboration Notebook and Acrylographs in these spreads. Keep scrolling to check out what spreads I did and suggest for you to try out!

These spreads and suggestions are simple and easy to make, you don’t need to make them as overworked as I did, you do not need to be artistic or have a certain Spread to use these Spreads, so feel free to get inspired and try them in case you find it useful for you!



Here’s what I used for this Journal Set-Up:

In case you want to get something from Archer & Olive remember to use my affiliate link and code DANOSBUJO10 for a 10% discount!

1: Cover Page

cover page

Starting with the cover page, I found it fun to illustrate some of my favorite anime characters on the cover page, and adding a lovely title in the middle of the 2 pages “The Watching Journal”, I chose Watching Journal as the name of this journal because that includes everything that I watch, from Movies, Series, Anime to even Youtube Documentaries. This cover isn’t minimal at all and it took me some time to make, but a cover page is always a lovely entry when you open a Journal, and I really liked making it! I used in this cover page fineliners and the acrylographs from Pypah’s Collaboration with Archer & Olive.


2: “What I watched” Spread

What I watched spread

The next Spread is a “What I watched” Spread, in this picture you can see that I completed the sentence with “in 2022”, you can write the year you’re at so you can track whatever you’re watching, I made a Series Tracker and an Anime Tracker since those are the ones that I usually see and forget the episodes I left. And this tracker is simple and useful for that, you can quickly write the show you’re watching and make dots to represent episodes or seasons, I like to track seasons for the Series Tracker and take notes on the last episode I saw in my Anime tracker (there’s a lot of episodes and I can’t understand how seasons work on that tbh XD). And that’s at least how I’m tracking what I’m watching! And at the end, I will be able to check what I watched during the year and it’ll be so beautiful once it’s filled!


3: “Recommended” Spread

Recommended Spread

For the next Spread, I made I decided to make a Recommended/ Suggested Spread, Here in this place I plan to take note of what shows my friends and followers recommend to me, it’s useful to keep every recommendation organized on one page (or two in my case). I used the dotted paper from a notepad to make 4 columns to write my notes and glued them in this notebook, I decided to do that because this notebook is actually a sketchbook and it’s not dotted, so that way I can easily write on those sections.


4: “To be seen” Spread

To be seen Spread

A “To Be Seen” spread is very inspired by the TBR aka To Be Read Spread, here I’ll take note of what I want to see in the future and a fun touch I did was adding 4 sticky Notes (in kraft paper) and I can write on them freely and once I need more space I can simply switch the sticky note or just add another one on top! This spread sounds really useful but I’m still trying it out to see if it works for me! But so far, it has been used and served its purpose!


5: “New things coming” Spread

New things coming Spread

Another spread that I did and it’s actually the last one I showed you on the video for this blog post is my New Things Coming to Spread, here in this spread I will take note in each square the upcoming shows and anime that will be released in 2022 and the plan are to just write for example Stranger Things S4 (season 4) and Summer. I plan to write the actual dates, so I would write Summer in pencil and once I know the release date I will write it with a pen. The same goes for Animes that I’m excited to see this year. To separate Anime, Series, Movies, etc I would recommend color code the squares, for example painting the outline of the square in different colors!


6: “Goal” Spread

Starting with some spread ideas that I haven’t done yet on my watching journal I bring you a goal spread for Watching related topics, or your own goals, maybe creating a fanart of a show, or maybe watching the whole One Piece 1000 episodes (that’s one of mine XD). Just have fun with creating goals or things you want to achieve related to your fave shows or the ones you’re curious to check out.


7: “Challenge” Spreads

Goal Spread

This Spread I did off-camera, and it’s a challenge that I want to do, In the picture you see in the title “Marvel”, so my challenge is to watch ALL the MCU movies in the order of the year they were released, I always wanted to do that but never got the chance or the motivation, and with this challenge spread, I can track the movies I watched and Rating them according to what I thought about them. This was an example, but you can create your own challenges, for example watching ALL the Studio Ghibli movies or whatever comes to your mind! THE GOAL IS TO HAVE FUN! (I’m excited to start this challenge!!)


8: “Journaling” Spreads

journaling spread

What would a Journal be without Journaling?!?! One of my goals for this Journal is to also have the liberty/freedom to journal about the characters I love and the shows I liked.

journaling spreads

Sometimes write something about them, and sometimes just make a collage or an illustration of the shows I like. It’s very liberating to create these journaling spreads and I really enjoyed making them ^^


9: “My Favorite” Spread

For my last suggestion of spreads you can make on a Watching Journal, I would suggest a fun yearly review Challenge! What was YOUR favorite show that you watched? The idea for this spread is to decide what was the best thing you watched each year by making a scheme where you write your monthly best pick and making them battle with each other until you have your Top Show! Example: Jan x February, March x April … until you have 6 remaining from the 12, then 3 out of the 6, and from the 3 remainings you pick 1, your Top Show! 

Check out the guided flip through I did talking about these spreads, and showing you all the spreads done in this Journal, in this video:


Here’s a Printable that I made with templates for you to try! Includes The “What I watched” Spread and the “Recommended” Spread, dotted and lined to fit your style and needs ♥

I hope you enjoy it ♥

free printable

I hope you enjoyed these spread suggestions and introduction to the Watching Journal!

If you’d like to check more of my Content check @danosbujo on Instagram and Youtube

If you Recreate/Use any of these spreads don’t forget to tag me (@danosbujo) and @archerandolive,, #AOShare, and #archerandolive.

Have a lovely day/night and a great 2022!

See you next time! 


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