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Tips For Using Your Task Management In Your Bullet Journal

by Design Team 02 Mar 2022 1 comment

Task Management in Bujos 

I’m Estella, also known as The Minimal Sophisticate! Welcome to 2022 where task management is key for me. I'm so excited to meet you. I'm a mom & planner who loves to share how I plan my life one task at a time while managing everything else. You can find me on Instagram, YouTube Channel or on my website. 

Can we use bullet journals for task management? As planners & bullet journal lovers, we often use our bullet journals for various purposes. I love using my Archer & Olive's Traveler's Time for Tea Dot Grid Notebook to manage my daily tasks. 

Dot Grid Notebook for Task Management


Creating a Monthly Overview for Task Management

Monthly Overview for Managing Tasks

First, it's important to create a monthly spread for daily task management. I used a combination of washi tapes, stickers, a journaling card & my Acrylograph pens from Archer & Olive to create this spread. I wanted to focus on important goals for the month of January. This allowed me to use specific color codes or symbols for these specific dates, while using my corresponding Warm Fall Acrylograph pens. A monthly overview allows you to analyze what days you can complete specific tasks or goals.

Acrylograph Pen


Using Your Planner to Migrate Tasks 

When it comes to creating daily tasks it's important that you migrate your overall tasks from your planner. What are the to do's or tasks you need to accomplish this week? In my recent blog post, I shared my current planner system's overall tasks for the week. More often then not I often need to write a task breakdown for these tasks daily. I also like to include three to five daily tasks to complete my overall weekly objectives. This allows me to accomplish specific tasks for specific days, especially when I am time blocking.

Migrating Tasks for Task Management


Daily Task Management 

When it comes to daily task management it's important that you create a system that works for you. I use my Acrylograph pens to color code specific days. I also use icons for completed tasks, tasks that are due or important. Once I migrate my overall weekly tasks, I break down these tasks down into smaller specific daily goals. 

Then I write down my daily tasks in my to do section. I also write the current date & my tasks for each day. When a task is complete I draw a line through the task & move on. This allows me to see what tasks I'm accomplishing from my migrated weekly task lists before the next day.

Task Management Goals

Finally, when you are managing daily tasks, it’s important that you develop a key or system that fits your needs. I love drawing dots in front of each task to create a space to write a check or an icon. Once all my tasks are complete, I simply draw a line through my overall weekly tasks making my task management system an overall success.

Daily Task Management

See my video for a view how I keep up with my task management:

I truly hope that these tips help with your task management goals. Thank you to Archer & Olive for collaborating with me on this #sponsored guest post. I truly love using my travelers bullet journal for daily task management. It really has made such a difference in my life. Don't forget to let us know if you will be implementing this system in your bullet journal.

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1 comment

17 May 2024 Denis Robinson
Using a bullet journal for task management offers a customizable and effective approach. Tips include creating monthly overviews, migrating tasks from weekly plans, managing daily tasks with color-coding and icons, and customizing your system to fit your needs.

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