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How To Use Stickers In Your Black Page Notebook

by Design Team 30 Apr 2022 0 Comments

 Hi Friends! It’s Rose here from @littlemissrose on Instagram and YouTube.  I’ve been bullet journaling for a long time - over 5 years!  And during that time I’ve experimented a lot using different notebooks, with different paper weights, sizes and even coloured pages!  Today I’m going to show you how I use stickers in a Black Out Notebook.

You can pick up your own Black Out Notebook from the Archer & Olive website.  Be sure to use my affiliate code ROSE10 to get yourself a discount.

Archer and Olive Black out notebooks are so much fun, but can be quite intimidating if you feel like you have no art skills.  On first look, it seems like you only have the option of using white gel pens on them.  You can actually use a range of coloured gel pens and metallic pens on the black pages to make beautiful spreads.  But what happens if you’re not confident enough to doodle and draw in a blackout notebook?  You can still use stickers!!

You can watch how I set up a weekly spread in my black out notebook using stickers here:

Using Standard stickers in your Black Out Notebook

Just because your pages are black doesn’t mean your standard stickers on white pages won’t look good!  These can actually look great, and I especially love the contrast of the white outline from the stickers.

weekly spread example

If you don’t like the black outline, you can easily fill it in using either a black felt tip pen or a black fineliner.

Using Black Out Stickers in your Black Out Notebook

Another option for using stickers on your black pages is to use black out stickers.  These stickers are purposely created with black background so that they blend in perfectly onto your black pages.

black paper stickers

On these pages I have used black out stickers available from my Etsy shop, Rose K Paper Co.  You can view them here.  You can also search for black out stickers on Etsy for more options.

black out sticker example


Use Clear Stickers in A Black Out Book

As well as standard stickers and black out stickers, you can also use clear stickers to decorate the black pages in your notebook.  However these only work if the illustration or design on the sticker is opaque.  

clear sticker example

clear sticker on page

I hope you’ve found this blog post useful.  If you want to try using stickers in your own black out notebook, you can download these printable black out stickers that I’ve created.  Just print and cut out with a pair of scissors. Download here.

black paper sticker printable

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