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Ice Cream Bullet Journal Theme

by Liz Gray 22 Jun 2020 0 Comments

Hi friends, it's Liz from @thegraytergood here with a melting ice cream theme for your summer bullet journal spreads. I'll show you a few easy ways to use color and shape to tie your pages together throughout the month, as well as how to do skewed/slanted lettering.  

To recreate this spread, you'll need:

  • Your Archer + Olive Dot Grid Notebook (I have the A5 size)
  • A Pigma Sakura Micron in 03
  • A gel pen in white (I like the Sakura Gelly Roll, size 10)
  • Crayola Super Tips in your preferred shade of green (or whatever color of ice cream you want to make) and tan for the cone
  • A pencil, eraser, and a ruler
  • *Optional* You can also use gouache for the cone if you have it, which is what I did because I didn't have a good marker color for the cone. And yes, A+O paper holds up well to paint!


Let's start with the slanted lettering, which can really be tricky! The best thing to do to make it look like the letters are part of the melting ice cream spill is to align the top and bottom of your letters (aka your baseline/cap height) with the direction of your puddles. You can do this by drawing your guidelines and making sure the vertical guides are perpendicular to the baseline, or by slanting them at the same degree as the baseline but in the opposite direction of the baseline (which is what I did). 





One easy way to unify your monthly pages is to use the same color palette throughout, whether it's 10 colors or 2. You can do this by incorporating pops of color into doodles, titles, drop shadows, letters, and more. Take it one step further by adding in extra illustrative elements such as the diamond pattern of a waffle cone, melty ice cream dripping from some letters, or chocolate chip shadows.





I hope y'all enjoyed this fun summer theme + lettering tutorial, and don't forget to share your recreations or coloring pages with me on Instagram by tagging @thegraytergood! 


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