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Illustrated Letters For Bullet Journal Cover Page

by Liz Gray 16 Oct 2019 0 Comments

Hi, friends! It's @thegraytergood, here to help you make your bullet journals functional AND fabulously floral for fall. You can use this tutorial to create any letters and fill in the flowers with any colors, but you know me by now and know that I love layering black and white. Let's get into it! 



You'll need:
  • Your A+O notebook - I've got my Night Sky Journal in size A5
  • Sakura Gel Pens in sizes 05, 08, and 10 for varying line thicknesses in your florals
  • An art eraser
  • A mechanical pencil or a regular pencil with soft lead 



Illustrated ‘O’ for Autumn


  1. Start by sketching out your letter or word of choice, and create a box or blob around it that maps out where you'd like your florals to go.
  2. Now for the tricky part - drawing all your florals! Disclaimer: I'm don't usually draw florals, and everything I learned, I learned from @allikdesign, the queen of modern florals. Something to keep in mind is that it's totally ok to use reference images for your florals. I use reference images all the time, and for this particular illustration I searched for images of real flowers and fall florals. Also, to keep your florals look natural, don't make all of your lines super precise. Hold your pencil/pen a little more loosely than normal and embrace the wobbly lines. Pair different sizes and styles of leaves and flowers together to create a more random-looking-but-actually-carefully-planned, wildflower bouquet effect.  
  3. Once you've sketch out out all your florals, I'd recommend planning out in advance which elements are going to be black and white so that it all looks balanced and well thought out. If you're going to be using colors, you can either color everything in now, or outline everything with gel pens, erase the pencil lines, and then color in your florals. 



I hope y'all enjoyed this tutorial! Make sure to tag me @thegraytergood and use #thegraytergood so that I can see your recreations, and I'll see you soon. 


- Liz Gray 


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