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Bullet Journal Ideas: Playlist Spread + Free Printable!

by Nabaa Afridi 31 Jul 2020 1 comment

Hello again! This is Nabaa from @whimsical.doodles on Instagram and today, I've got a fun spread idea for your bullet journal - a playlist!

I've seen a lot of people create monthly playlists in their journals and I think it's such a fun idea. I'd love to look back during the year and see what songs I used to love and when!

If you know me in real life, you'll know I absolutely love music - it holds such an important place in my life. A hundred different songs hold so many different memories - music can take me back to a place and time long gone or help me process things in my life as they happen.

To create my playlist spread, I used the following:

- Playlist Printable - Download now
- Archer and Olive A5 Notebook
- Scissors and Glue

Download and print out the printable here. (Alternatively, you can draw the shapes directly into your notebook). Cut and paste in the frames and a heading. I've also included a few stickers and washi printables so you can customize your playlist spread to one or two pages. 

Once you have your layout ready, You can write in the song names directly into the little frames or stick-on printed album art images with the title underneath like I did here:

Bullet Journal Playlist

I finished off with a couple of strips of the blue washi and added a doodle shadow to the song frames! Will you be recreating your own version of the playlist? What are some of your favourite songs?? Comment below or reach out on @whimsical.doodles!! I'd love to hear :).

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1 comment

25 Aug 2022 Jo

Thank so much for creating this! It’s perfect! How do you print out the small album cover to get it to fit just right?

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