Improve your productivity with Tombow brush pens and this weekly dot grid layout

Posted by Bonnie Kuhl on

If I don't write a task down, there's a 73% chance It'll be forgotten, and a 27% chance I'll remember a week after it's due. At 2 am. Writing down task eliminates those problems, and makes a much more productive week. 


When I simply writing down tasks, it makes my day look entirely overwhelming. I'm not sure where to get started! To help with this issue, I use Tombow brush pens to color code specific tasks. Color coding specific tasks helps quickly identify which tasks are most important, and which can wait until later in the day. With color coding, my to-do list seems a lot less scary, and a lot more manageable. 


Using this layout is super simple! After all tasks have been listed, use different color Tombow brush pens, to highlight tasks that take priority. I use a different color for work, personal, business, and tasks relating to my e-book. The different colors help me quickly identify which task belongs to which category, making my week 2390482 times more productive. 



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