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International Stockists who will be carrying the Acrylograph collections

by Bonnie Kuhl 19 May 2020 1 comment

If you aren't in the US - I highly recommend buying from one of our resellers who will getting their pens at the same time as we do - which can save on customs fees. Complete list of all shops who have ordered below.

Under The Rowan Trees
Art From The Heart
Nikkis Supply Store (Scotland)
Miso Paper
DotGrid Co

Nook & Quill

The Lovely Shop (Spain)
By Rosette I Karlstad (Sweden)
Handwritings (Denmark)

24Paper Shop (Netherlands)

JournalNStuff (Netherlands)

My Lovely Notebook (Netherlands)

Splendith (Netherlands)

Teippitarha/Tapegarden (Finland)

Rzeczownik (Poland)
Trece Ideas (Spain)

Australia and New Zealand:

Washigang (Australia)

Eleganz-n-Grace (Australia)
Have A Point (Australia)

Journal Junkies (New Zealand)

Revel (Singapore)

South America:
Echt (Guatemala)

Trillia Planning

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1 comment

20 May 2020 leigh kelly

Thank you for including international stockists!!

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