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Using The Archer & Olive Watercolour Journal Paper In Your Regular Journal

by Hayley Remde 17 Jun 2020 2 Comments

Hey! It's @hayleyremdeart here and I absolutely love using watercolour in my bullet journal. However, as the paper is not intended for an excess amount of water, I find it difficult to use my favourite watercolour techniques in my monthly set ups. I recently got the Archer & Olive Watercolour Journal, and wow the paper is AMAZING. It holds as much water as expensive cotton watercolour paper, with even less warping. When I discovered how amazing this paper was, I was just about to start a new Archer & Olive dot grid journal, so I decided I wanted the best of both worlds. Therefore, I played around with many layout ideas where I could paint on the amazing watercolour paper, but transfer them into my regular journal. Keep scrolling to see some layouts I found worked really well, with videos in how I created them so you can really see the paper in action!


Recommended Supplies:

  • Archer & Olive Watercolour Journal - Had the dot grid to follow, and the quality is beyond amazing.
  • Regular Journal – As always, it will be no surprise to you that my pick is the Archer and Olive Journal. The spine can easily hold the extra paper!
  • Pencil – To carefully plan out your ideas so you can make sure your spread has everything you need.
  • Fineliners – My favourites are the Unipin fineliners as they’re waterproof, affordable and have a strong nib.
  • Watercolours – Daniel Smith tubes are my current favourite!


Future Log Layout

Future log layout

One really fun and easy way to use the watercolour paper in your regular journal is to make small square paintings to decorate your future log. Whilst these paintings could be anything, I decided to paint galaxies on a whole sheet of the watercolour paper and then cut it up into squares.

Here’s a video showing how I created this layout:

Future Log


Weekly Spread Layout

Weekly Spread

The most used spreads in my journal has to be the weeklies. Therefore, I really wanted a layout where I could include a full watercolour painting each week. The layout is actually  still my favourite layout to date!

You can really see how much water the paper can take here too:



Watercolour Quote Page Layout

Watercolour Quote Page

I love including a quote page in my journal. The Watercolour Journal paper is just a little smaller than the dot grid journal once you cut off the ring holes, so I cut down the paper so it had this cool border:



Ripped Border Layout

Ripped Border

I was trying to figure out a way to make the watercolour paper encompass more of the page, and I came up with this ripped border idea. It could be used for many layouts, but I personally used it for my 2020 goals.

Here’s a video showing how I created the ripped effect:



List Layout

List Layout

Another way to have the watercolour cover more of the page is in this example. I really love how this turned out. Also, as the layout gets fuller, the bottom section can be written on in white pen so the full page can still be used.

Here’s a video showing how I created this layout:



Overview Layout

Overview Layout

Finally, I really wanted to create a layout where I could include a larger watercolour painting. I think this one has to be my favourite of them all! In the video you will see the paper is just a little smaller than my dot grid journal, but I easily fixed this by adding another layer of mountains to cover the gap:



I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for creating some creative layouts using the amazing paper in the A&O Watercolour Journal. If I have, I would love to see, so tag me on Instagram (@hayleyremdeart) and use #hayleyremdeinspired to get the chance to get your creations featured in my stories!



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28 Apr 2021 Karen

love the galaxy look … Did you do other months of the year in the monthly calendar ?

24 Jul 2020 ktdnczkzxn

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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