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March 2021 Free Calendar Printable

by Bonnie Kuhl 28 Feb 2021 5 Comments

Hey everyone!

March is just around the corner, so today I want to offer you a free calendar printable. Hang up this March 2021 calendar printable on your wall, and get ahead on your monthly planning.

This past month was a tough one for us to get through, and I hope that you all have been able to stay warm and safe. Here in Texas we have been experiencing weather like I’ve never seen before, but thankfully Spring is going to be here soon. It’s also strange to think that the pandemic started almost a year ago now. I hope during this unprecedented year that everyone has been able to take care of themselves and their mental health.

As I have shared on my Instagram, this past year has been very hard on my own mental health. Some tools that have been helpful for me during this time are drawing repetitive shapes, writing down my streams of consciousness, making lists, and doing art. All of these things together make me less anxious, help me to come to terms with my feelings, allow me to commit my thoughts to paper, and clear space in my mind. I hope you have also discovered and utilised tools that help you.

Last but not least, I also want to mention March 8th is International Women’s Day. I want to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge all the amazing women in this world, you make such an important difference every day.

I hope that you enjoy this March printable and that it can allow you to plan out your month as we move closer and closer to Spring!

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28 Apr 2021 Claudia Santellano

It’s lovely, thank you!

28 Apr 2021 Chandler

Just click the calendar image and it will open a page where you can download the printable jpeg. :)

28 Apr 2021 Sherry

Scroll up to the highlighted ‘March printable’ and click on that

28 Feb 2021 Kate

This is so beautiful! I don’t see where to download the file. Am I missing something?

28 Apr 2021 Fernando Olaya


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