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Easy Marriage Quote Page Step-By-Step!

by Guest Blogger 12 Sep 2020 0 Comments

Hello, friends! Elizabeth here from Plant Based Bride on YouTube and @elizabethturn on Instagram.  I'm excited to be back again with another blog post, sharing the steps to make this quote page in your Bullet Journal! 

In honour of my 6th anniversary with my lovely husband, I wanted to create a little quote page to celebrate our love.  I remember seeing this quote shortly after our wedding and feeling it was such a perfect encapsulation of my experience of marriage!

Follow along with this post for the step-by-step instructions. This would also make an adorable DIY anniversary card!

Archer & Olive Square Notebook


Bullet Journal Supplies


Start with a loose sketch of your spread in pencil. This helps to ensure your quote will be centered and you won't have any unfortunate misspellings!

Bullet Journal Pencil Sketch


Using your black pen and a ruler create a simple border on three sides of the page leaving the top open.

 Bullet Journal Set Up

Add the heartbeat design at the top centre and connect with the rest of the border.

 Bullet Journal Border


Use your Acrylograph Pens (or paint or markers) to add colour to the spread. I decided to use this gorgeous olive green from the Jewel Selection to write "marriage" in a fun bouncy cursive lettering font.

Acrylograph Lettering Bullet Journal

And then "weirdo", in the same font:

Acrylograph Lettering Bullet Journal


Use your black pen to ink in the remainder of the quote (with or without the "u" in favourite, depending on where you live!) I decided to go with a simple all caps print font here.

Quote Page Bullet Journal

And, if you like, add little sparkly details!

Quote Page Bullet Journal

And you're done! 

Marriage Quote Page Bullet Journal

I'd love to see your version of this quote page if you decide to recreate it. Tag me

on Instagram @elizabethturn so I can see it!

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