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Memory Doodle Inspiration For A Memory Keeping Bullet Journal Spread

by Content Team 28 Oct 2022 0 Comments

Hello Archer & Olive fam! 

It’s Icy of and for this blog post, I have some doodle related fun you can do with your memories page on your bullet journal!

As someone who is sentimental, I find it very hard to throw things away. For example, whenever I do something memorable with my family, friends and loved ones, I don’t like throwing away things like tickets or brochures. And instead of keeping these pieces of ephemera in places where I won’t really see them, I like sticking things in my journal.

Apart from keeping memorable things, I also like adding simple doodles about a memorable event in my life. I did a Memory Doodles Page for my 2021 memories.

2021 page

close up of memory doodles

I had so much with this that I did it again for my January 2022 Highlights of the Month page.

full memory page

So if you’re not a sentimental hoarder like I am, you can add doodles to your memory pages like Highlights of the Month/Year or other memory pages like travel memories!

What things do we include in a Memory Doodles Page?

There are so many different things you can add to your Memory Doodles Page, and it really depends on what you would like to include. As individuals, we are all unique and we would have different experiences from one person to the next. And because of  that, we would have a different set of memories. So feel free to include any or all of your memorable memories!

As I was browsing through the Bullet Journal community, I noticed that these are the common elements people include in their Memory Pages:

  • Overall mood
  • Playlist/Favorite tracks
  • Favorite movie/show/series
  • Favorite food
  • Favorite activity
  • Favorite books
  • Achievements
  • Things to look forward to

What do I need to make a Memory Doodles Page?

I will be using my Archer & Olive Moon Flower A5 Dot Grid notebook and Acrylograph pens from the Primary Selection to make it nice and colorful!

memories spread

But of course feel free to use materials you have available at home and whatever color scheme you would like to use.

I highly recommend drafting your Memory Doodles Page out in pencil first and once you are happy with how everything is laid out on the page or pages, finalize with the materials of your choosing.

A fun activity you can do with this is you can color in the doodles once you’re done!

There is a printable that you can download here:

free memory doodle printable

And I have also made a video you can watch and follow along:

Memory Doodles Page #1: Overall Mood/Feeling

Mood/Feeling doodle

Do you believe in the saying “people will often forget what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel”? Because I do! Our overall mood or feeling plays a huge part of our memories. Memories aren’t always happy, and that is completely okay! Feel free to include an emotion that is not pleasant or comfortable. For example, there are definitely times when my overall mood is uncomfortable because I have been pushed out of my comfort zone. Despite feelings of discomfort, there is also growth, so don’t feel pressured to include only happy moods! 


Memory Doodles Page #2: Favorite Songs/Playlist

Favorite Songs/Playlist spread

Aside from feelings, songs have a way of weaving into our memories. For example, in high school I used to listen to a lot of emo music (lol) and now whenever I listen to those songs, I somehow get transported back to those years. What I love about keeping a bullet journal is that I am able to look back on memories and songs or playlists are a great thing to include into your Memory Doodles Page.

Memory Doodles Page #3: Favorite Movie/Series/Show

Favorite Movie/Series/Show

Like songs, things we watch also play a detrimental role in our memories. There are a lot of people in the bullet journal community who keep track on the episodes of the series they watch. And I’ve also seen people keep a list of movies they’ve seen and want to see. You can also add in a short synopsis, what you thought of the movie and a rating!

Memory Doodles Page #4: Favorite Food

Favorite Food

Have you ever craved for and eaten a specific time of food? I remember a few months ago when it was still winter here in Sydney, I would used to eat spicy pork rib ramen all the time! I thought I wouldn’t get sick of it lol. That was definitely highlight of one of the months of winter.


Memory Doodles Page #5: Favorite Activity

Favorite Activity

Like food cravings, sometimes I get obsessed about a specific activity for a certain amount of time and it’s all I ever do! A couple of months ago, I was able to play around with my gouache paint and I enjoyed it so much that it became an art activity I did that month.

Memory Doodles Page #6: Favorite Books

Favorite Books

I know there are a lot of bookworms in the bullet journal community because I am one of them! And I like including books in my memories page not only to keep track on my reading progress but also which books have made the most impact.

Memory Doodles Page #7: Achievements

Achievements doodle

Everytime I do a monthly recap or high lights of the month/quarter/year, I absolutely love taking note of the things I have achieved! Sometimes these achievements may be intangible like feelings so I opted to doodle a little notepad  with a trophy and we would just write our top three (or you can make it top five or more!). 

Memory Doodles Page #8: Things To Look Forward To

Things To Look Forward To doodle

As we recap the amazing memories we have collected, it would also be great to take note of the exciting things coming up. These could be holidays or important events to things that seem little like expecting a package from Archer & Olive! Having a list of things to look forward to gives us something to be excited about

These are only some of the common things people include in their Memory Doodles Page. Of course feel free to add other things especially those that are super unique to you! Always remember that your drawings do not need to be perfect as there is no such thing as perfection! And all of our imperfectness adds to our own uniqueness and individuality. So embrace it all and most importantly, have the most fun with your Memory Doodles and just let your creativity flow!

Don’t forget to tag us @archerandolive and so we can see your beautful work! Have an amazing time creating and keeping memories!

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