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Archer And Olive Acrylograph Pens: All The Pen Names And Swatch Sheets

by Design Team 02 Jul 2021 8 Comments

Hi all! Some of the most commonly asked questions in the community are regarding the names and swatch sheets for the Acrylograph Pens.

Therefore, I have collected them all together in this handy blog for you to refer back to!

Looking for the Calliograph pen names and swatches? Find them here.

Happy swatching!


Primary, Tropical, Jewel, Warm Fall and Cool Fall Collections

First up, we have the swatch sheet and names for the primary, tropical, jewel, warm fall and cool fall collections all on one sheet. Download it here!

five collection swatch sheet


Spring Collection 2020

Next, we released the two spring collections: awakening and vernal. Download the swatch sheet for those here!

spring collection



Finally, we recently released the metallic pens! Find the swatch sheet here!

metallics swatch sheet


Fall Collection 2021

In September 2021, we released two fall collections: Bewitch and Spellbind. This collection was the first with the names printed ON the barrels - thank you to everyone for your feedback on this and we were so happy to finally make it happen. Get the swatch pages here:

fall 2021 swatches


Spring Collection 2022

For Spring 2022 we realised two new Acrylograph sets: blossom and flourish. Download the swatch sheet for those here!

spring 2022 Acrylograph pens


Summer Mini Collection 2022

A mini launch called for a mini pack of Acrylographs. These 5 brand new colors are sure to bring summer into your notebook. Grab the swatch sheet here:

summer pen swatches


Fall Collection 2022

In August 2022, we released the Fall collection with one Acrylograph set: Vintage Dream. This set had a new and improved packaging (akin to our Calliograph packaging) which is much more compact and reusable! Here's the colors:

archer and olive fall acrylograph names

Spring Collection 2023

The Spring 2023 Collection wouldn't be complete without pens! We realised one new set: Botanical Stroll. Download the swatch sheet for those here!

spring Acrylograph swatches


Fall Collection 2023

In August 2023, we released the Fall collection with two Acrylograph sets: Autumn Mornings and Autumn Midnights! Get both sets here:

fall acrylograph colors


Subscription Box Pens

Subscription Box 1 (December 2020)

The first subscription box was themed Mythical Creatures. Here's the names and swatches for those:

sub box 1 swatch


Subscription Box 2 (March 2021)

travel Get the swatch sheet here!

subscription Acrylograph swatches Acrylograph names




Subscription Box 3 (June 2021)

And the third subscription had a gorgeous Ethereal Desert theme. Find the names and swatches here!

subscription box 3 swatches


Subscription Box 7 (June 2022)

These haven't been in the subscription box for a little while, but they're BACK! Find the swatch page here:

subscription box pen swatches


Subscription Box 8 (September 2022)

The theme of this subscription box was Forest Heirloom, so these vintage inspired colors perfectly capture getting out in nature and exploring! Find the swatch page and names here:

September subscription box pens

Limited Edition Pens

Valentines Box (February 2021)

The Valentines Box included one limited edition Acrylograph color: Gold. The other colors were from other collections. Their names are Mint, Sky Blue, Brick Red and Coral.


Plant Based Bride Collection

In June 2021 we had an amazing collaboration with the creator behind Plant Based Bride - Elizabeth Turn. The launch included 4 brand new shades and our signature gold. Find the swatch sheet here:

pbb swatch sheet


Pypah's Art Collection

In September 2021 we had another amazing collaboration, this time with Pypah's Art. The launch included 5 brand new shades of acrylographs. Find the swatch sheet here:

Acrylograph pen names

Valentines Box (January 2022)

The Valentines Box included two limited edition Acrylograph colors: Love and Nuptial. The other colors were from other collections, their names were: Pink, Bright Pink and Coral. Find the swatch sheet here:

valentines pen swatch sheet


AmandaRachLee Collection

In March 2022 we had an amazing collaboration with Amanda from AmandaRachLee. The launch included 9 brand new shades and our signature white. Find the swatch sheet here:

Amanda Rach Lee pen swatches


The Mint Gardener Collection

In October 2023, The Mint Gardener collaborated on a unique creativity journal which launched with 5 new pen colors. Their names are Blue Deep, Blue Gray, Mint Deep, Buff Cream and Unicorn Blush. Get the swatch sheet here:

mint gardener collaboration pen names


Valentines Box (January 2023)

The 2023 Valentines Box included four new limited edition Acrylograph colors: Circus Red, Peach Fiesta, Carnival Pink and Jubilee Blue. Vintage Blue was seen before in the Forest Heirloom September 2022 subscription box. Find the swatch sheet here:

valentines color palette

Hope these helped! We would love to see your Acrylograph creations on the community over on Facebook. Find us at "Archer And Olive Community". Also, we will update this blog when we release new sets!

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20 Sep 2022 Heidi

This information is so helpful and I love being able to print the swatch sheets! Thank you very much!!

20 Sep 2022 jenni

Just over here looking for the new fall swatches and any, ahem, box sneaks

25 Aug 2022 Steven

Hello, thanks for publishing the sheets, great for organisation and reference. Pity that the "special colours not available individually…. hard to keep up. Why are the colours not printed on the pens ? keep up the great work, xxx

25 Aug 2022 Rosemarie Crawford

Looking forward to updates here to include 2022 Valentines Box acrylograph color names…I visit this page often to review great info here.

21 Oct 2021 Archer and Olive

Hi Sarah there is a separate blog for the Calliographs!

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