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Archer And Olive Calliograph Brush Pens: All The Pen Names And Swatch Sheets

by Design Team 05 Oct 2021 1 comment

Hi all! Some of the most commonly asked questions in the community are regarding the names and swatch sheets for the Calliograph Pens.

Therefore, I have collected them all together in this handy blog for you to refer back to!

Looking for the Acrylograph pen names and swatches? Find them here.

Happy swatching!



Tropical and Jewel Collections

First up, we have the tropical and jewel collections. These launched in September 2021, and are matched to the Acrylograph collections with two added colors! Get the swatch sheet here:

 tropical and jewel brush pens


Spring 2022 Collection

For Spring of 2022 we brought out two new Calliograph palettes: Blossom and Flourish. Get your swatch sheet for those here!

spring calliograph swatch sheet


Spring 2023 Collection

For Spring 2023 we brought out one new Calliograph palette: Botanical Stroll. Get the swatch sheet here!

Calliograph pen names


Fall 2023 Collection

in our 2023 Fall Collection we brought out two new Calliograph palettes: Autumn Midnights and Autumn Morning. Get both swatch sheets here!

calliograph fall swatch sheet


Subscription Box Pens

Subscription Box 4 (September 2021)

The Calliograph pens debuted in the September 2021 subscription box. For this first run each nib had a different color, intended to give more variety for the smaller collection included in the subscription box. Get the swatch sheet here:

subscription box swatch sheet


Subscription Box 6 (March 2022)

Our March subscription box had an Into The Wild theme, and these Calliograph colors were perfect for some nature inspired creativity! Get the swatch sheet here:

into the wild calliograph pen set


Subscription Box 10 (March 2023)

Our March 2023 subscription box had a Chaming Picnic theme, and these Calliograph colors perfectly captured spring time! Get the swatch sheet here:

charming picnic swatch sheet

Subscription Box 12 (September 2023)

Our September 2023 subscription box had a Vintage Library theme, and these Calliograph colors perfectly captured the theme! The shade Umber was previously seen in our 2023 Fall Collections (named Espresso). All other colors were new. Get the swatch sheet here:

vintage library swatch sheet

Hope these helped! We would love to see your Calliograph creations on the community over on Facebook. Find us at "Archer And Olive Community". Also, we will update this blog when we release new sets!

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1 comment

25 Aug 2022 Nikki Shubert

These are great! Thank you so much for having these available. I am using them as a reference in my new journal :)

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