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Plant Care Bullet Journal Trackers You Need To Keep Your Plants Alive

by Design Team 06 Jan 2022 0 Comments

Hey, everyone! It’s Quinn from zquinns_art on Instagram.

If you know me or have seen my house, you’d know that I have a lot of plants (some would say too many). I’ve been wanting to create a plant journal where I catalog all of the species of plants I’m currently growing for a few years now, and since I just got a B5 journal from the Plant Based Bride collection, I thought it was time to get started. To start off, I’m going to make a few plant care trackers to try out: a few yearly trackers, monthly trackers, a way to track my propagations, and general plant care lists. These are spreads you can use in a separate plant journal or within your everyday journal. Hopefully, there will be something helpful for all you plant lovers out there! 


Plant Journal cover


Yearly Setups 

To start off, I created a yearly spread to track different plant care needs. I tend to be quite forgetful, so when it comes to watering, fertilizing, and turning my plants around, I can forget when I last did them. As I won’t want to over or under water my plants, creating trackers like these help me to see the last time I watered them. As all of these plant care routines are not done daily, I like the idea of a yearly layout. It’s a useful way to manage my space. Not every box will be filled in, but there will definitely be something for each month. 

yearly spreads

The first layout is a more classic habit tracker layout: each month is written out day by day and you can fill in the number with the action taken that day. You can even divide the square into halves or fourths depending on what all you’ve done. I also included a key at the bottom to remind myself what each action was. I chose to track my watering, fertilizing, trimming dead leaves, and turning of plants. These are the things I do the most often and would find helpful to keep track of. If you don’t want to make a yearly tracker, you can always add this style of tracker to your other monthly trackers! I’m putting this in my plant journal, so having a full year just works best for me, but for your daily use journals, a monthly tracker works perfectly. I would just suggest putting a key somewhere memorable so you can reference it easily. 

The second layout is more of a chart form. I have 1-31 on the left to indicate the day and then the months going across the top. The great thing about this chart is that I had enough room to cover two years! It’s definitely a space-efficient option and follows a similar method at the written-out monthlies. You still fill in each box with the corresponding activity for the day. Part of me prefers this chart, but that’s just because it fits my brain a bit better. Also, using the calliograph pens for this is perfect! And I like how the Jewel Collection offers the earthy vibes I wanted for this journal. 

Monthly Set Up

As I said in the previous section, you can use a typical monthly tracker. But for those of you with plants that are on different watering schedules or have more specific needs, this layout might work better for you. 

Monthly Spread

I put the days of the month on the top and listed the name of the plant on the left. This allows you to track the specific needs of your plants a bit better! 

Propagation Tracker

Now, this is a tacker I’ve been wanting to create for a while. I have a lot of vining plants and other plants that propagate well. However, I never know how long it takes for them to start rooting, so when I want to give a plant as a gift, I never know when I should start putting them in water! So, I came up with this spread. It’s simple, but should help me notice growing patterns in certain plants. 

Propagation Tracker

On the left, we have the plant name, followed by the number of cuttings I’ve made. I then have a section titled “RP” for rooting powder. I sometimes will use rooting powder for plants that take longer or are more sensitive. This will help me to see the difference in speed. I then have dates for when I start propagation when they first show roots, and when I plant the cuttings. 

Feel free to also adapt this chart to your own needs! Categories you could add: number of cuttings that survived, whether or not you propagated them in water or in soil, a notes section for abnormalities, etc. 

Plant Care Schedule

This last spread is for those of us who have waaaaay too many plants and not enough time to care for them every week. I have about 50 plants, and giving them all the care they need can be difficult sometimes. So while they all need to be watered and fertilized regularly, I’ve divided them up by area and created lists I need to do to care for the plants but can wait a while. I can then choose one room per week and focus on giving those plants the care they need. Since I also have outdoor plants, I’ve included a section for them as well.

Plant Care Schedule

The important things I want to check for are:

  • Cutting off dead leaves
  • Taking any cuttings for propagation
  • Checking them for bugs
  • Adding soil if they need it
  • If I’ve added any new plants
  • If I need to repot any plants

This list is by no means exhaustive, and I will probably add to it as I use it more. This spread is one for me to reference so I have a list of tasks that I can go through each week. I can then add them to my daily journal.

Those are my ideas for tracking plant care! If you have any other ideas for plant trackers, please let me know! I’m always wanting to find new ways to help care for my plants. I’ve also made a video to show my process of creating these spreads if you’re interested.

If you recreate any of these spreads, feel free to tag me @zquinns_art and Archer and Olive so we can all see your beautiful plant spreads :)

And don’t forget to check out the printables below! I’ve created the layouts I’ve made here in a printable form that you can add to your own journals and decorate them how you wish! 

Plant Care printable

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