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Preparing For Back-To-School Season With These Bullet Journal Spread Ideas!

by Content Team 03 Jun 2022 0 Comments

Hello Friends! I’m Dano from @danosbujo on Instagram and Youtube! Today I’ll be sharing some student bullet journal spread ideas that could be helpful for back-to-school journal! I used some of this bullet journal ideas for student, and they helped my time management, study tracking and productivity! 

These Ideas are simple and easy to make, you do not need to be artistic or have a certain Spread to use these ideas, so feel free to get inspired by some of the spread ideas <3

full spread


Here’s what I used for this Post:


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1: To Pack on my Backpack!

school backpack

The first spread idea is a “To pack on my backpack” spread, here you can write all the important items that you need to have on your backpack and you can use this list as list to check if you don’t forget anything. I also illustrated a back pack and colored it with the new Blossom Calliographs from the spring collection.


2: Weekly Schedule

weekly schedule spread

The next spread idea is a Weekly Schedule, When I was back at university I used this spread every day, here I like to write the classes I am going to have during the week and I don’t lie when I say that this particular spread saved so many times, that is because at the beginning of a new semester I didn’t have the ability to memorize when a certain class was, so I looked at this schedule to help me with that.


3: Homework Tracker

Do you normally forget about your Homework? I got you! Try making a whole spread on your bullet journal meant to take notes of your homework everyday! My Tip… make this spread every month on your monthly set up!


4: Grade Tracker

grade tracker

The next Idea is a grade tracker, I don’t know about you but I really enjoyed having all the grades in a single place, from every evaluation element I had to the final grade, here I did these 12 slots for 6 subjects each semester, and I divided each in 3, for the name of the subject, the exam grade and the final grade.


5: Exam Dates Section

exam dates

Another idea is a Exam Dates Section, a place where it’s meant to write every exam, project, presentation date so I don’t forget about none, one little recommendation is to add those dates on your future log as well in case you do bullet journaling.


6: Master To-Do List

master list

The last spread Idea is a Master To-do List, To be honest I never used this spread when I studied, but I find it helpful to organize all the important tasks you need to do. I wrote some examples like doing homework , read notes, pick a theme for a project, study science, organize project topics, etc, it’s up to you what you need, and it’s a very minimal spread, but since I’m a little extra, I drew some roses.


7: Study Tracker

study and sleep tracker

When I used to study, I loved having a Study Tracker around, just a simple table to anotate the hours I spent studying along the day! I actually wrote a blog post related to Top Ideas To Track Sleep and Productivity In Your Bullet Journal, so click here to check that blog post!


8: Ideal Day Spread

For this suggestion, I recommend having an Ideal Day, for example how you want your day to be related to productivity, rest, meals and also sleep! It’s always handy to have some sort of reference when you feel lost in what you should do. It doesn’t have to be your obligation but it could help you organize your necessities and needs.


9: Study Manager

A Study Manager is a graphic to help you track the ammount of hours you spent on each subject and it can also be a guide of the topics that you need to study. You can simply cross each topic you already dominate and you are left with the remaining topics you need to study for a specific exam! 


10: Project Manager

Similar to the Study Manager Spread, a Project Manager is meant for you to organize everything you need to make your Project. When I did my final Project, related to production and Commerce of olive oil here in portugal, I had to organize all the topics I needed to add to my project, it helped me organize my time, my focus and my team mates as well! (In case you’re wondering, that project went well, my evaluation was 15 out of 20 XD) 

Check out how I made some of these Spreads plus a Flip Through in this video:

Here’s a Printable that I made with the full list of ideas that you can do for back-to-shool season! I hope you enjoy it ♥

back to school ideas

I hope you enjoyed these Spread Ideas for you to prepare for Back-To-School Season!

If you’d like to check more of my Content check @danosbujo on Instagram and Youtube

If you Recreate/Use any of these Tips don’t forget to tag me (@danosbujo) and @archerandolive,, #AOShare and #archerandolive.

See you next time!


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