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Spread Ideas For Your Self Care Journal

by Content Team 27 Sep 2023 0 Comments

Hi! I'm Kerstin from and I'm super excited to be able to create this blog post where you can jump with me right into my self care journal and get some inspiration how to create a self care challenge page.

self care journal cover
First step in most of my journals is to create a brain dump page, where I can write down everything what I decided this journal to using for. So in my self care journal this would be things like ‘Which new skills I wanna learn or which new habits I wanna integrate in my daily routines?’

brain dump page

I also wrote down my goals for 2023, like quit smoking, loose weight or even hold my weight or what kind of new things that I never did for selfcare I’d like to realize in 2023. After doing my brain dump I can create any spreads that helps me to reach my goals or integrate new habits in my daily self care routine like this yoga challenge page.  

yoga challenge spread

Ok. So here are all supplies, that I used for creating this page.


  • Got this (8×8) Square Journal from Archer and Olive and that is my really really favourite journal, cause I love the more space you have in this journal. And because there’s more space on these pages, it feels like my soul is having more room to stretch out.
  • I also used a Fineliner in 0.3 size for the lettering and the main drawings and outlines and one in 0.05 size for some details like the sparkles and stars or branches I drew for decoration
  • Also I placed some Washi tape here and there and coloured my drawings with some beige grey and light brown markers

And that's it!

Yoga Challenge Spread

For this page I decided to draw the title on the left side and from bottom to the top in a simple handlettering font. Right beside I placed some cute yoga doodles which two of them represents my little cat Yuna and my little Prince named Bubbles. And every time I do yoga, they do too or even still watching me while I’m doing yoga

yoga challenge spread

To begin with yoga l choosed a bundle of tutorials I found on a YouTube channel. This bundle, called ‘Bye Bye Winterblues’ includes 30 different yoga sessions. So I decided to draw 30 boxes (each box is 5×5 dots) 6 horizontally and 5 vertically and wrote the session titles in each box. Done!

yoga spread
Now I can pick a unit every day and, after my yoga routine, check off which unit I have already completed. 

Here are some of my other self care spreads I included:

Personal Essentials 

personal essentials page

Quote Pages:

quote page

Lunar Calendar:

lunar calendar

I hope you like this little ‘how to create a self care challenge page’ and got some inspiration to create a challenge spread in your journal and maybe start with new self care routines. It's definitely a gift to yourself to take enough time for selfcare every day.  

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