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Setting your 2020 Intentions in your A&O and Amy Tangerine Planner

by Nicola Knobel 22 Jan 2020 0 Comments

Look, it's coming to that time of the year when shit is about to get real! Often we realise that we have been putting off our resolutions to the last minute. 

Want your own intentions sheet to fill in but don't have the A&O planner? Fear not, we have created you one to print and place into your bujo! 

Nicola here from My Inner Creative, and today we are talking about goal setting and intention setting.

You've been using your bullet journal or planner for a year and if you like me had put down New Years resolutions in 2019 and have not yet achieved them then you are not the only one! I'm looking at the 2019 goals I set out and I really have not focused on them this year so I have a plan to kind of reinvigorate my plans and goals for 2020 I decided to reassess my level 10 life which you can see in this post here. Then I decided to go through all of the different goals that I may have in place and break them down into some smaller Bite-Sized chunks that I could focus on in the new year. 

Planning your goals or resolutions can be really overwhelming you don't really know what's going to come up this year and if you look back over the last year I think the best place for anyone to Start is to start with having a reflection of your 2019 year you know exactly what worked well and what you could potentially do to keep it going really well for 2020 so I always recommend the level 10 life as something that you can do as reflection process of where you are right now and where you would like to be. 

Using the Intention and Goal setting page in my Planner

Another option is to do a reflective part in your journal potentially at the end of the journal especially Especially if you have pages left in your journal and you want to start your new year in a new journal doesn't always happen it's ok to start your new year with a new journal you currently have a quite often people want to start the new year in a brand new fresh journal kind of get that fresh new feeling. 

So Starting with their reflection piece go straight into breaking down those goals that you might want to have for 2020 into Bite-Sized chunks have an annual gold that is big and far-reaching and then break it down into a 6-month goal and then monthly goals and then even depending on the size of the goal weekly goals. 

What do I need to be able to set 2020 goals?

Absolutely nothing, you would obviously need a pen and a vision of what you 2020 would aspirationally look like.

Should I use my journal to make new years resolutions?

I find if you share your new year resolutions with other people you often have the opportunity to hold yourself accountable for a whole variety of different things that you may come through during the year. This ties in really well with your annual word of the year and I've noticed that this year my word is very similar to many others which is thrive. 

This year for 2020 I really want to thrive, but I used the word "Thrive" for my 2019 word of the year,  in life I want to make it the best year ever and I want to make everything that I work on or everything that I deal with even better so to do that obviously I need to water my garden of blogging and water my garden of Instagram and social media and all the other things to make it thrive and grow and being able to do that is really important for me so setting goals that are associated with that are also very important.

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