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Sunflower Dutch Door Painting Bullet Journal Tutorial

by Design Team 03 Aug 2021 1 comment
Hi friends, Adrienne from @studio80design here to share a tutorial on how to paint a sunflower dutch door in your notebook using the Acrylograph Pens! Every summer we get wild sunflowers that bloom in our garden and they’ve become my favorite summer flower!

Tools you’ll need:



Step 1

The first step is to find the center of your page of your A5 Dot Grid Notebook. With a pencil, draw a circle going out four dots from the center on each side. Then sketch out some petals coming out from the center on the top, bottom, left and right. 

sketch design

Step 2

Next, use the 3mm yellow Acrylograph Pen to draw in the petals. Don’t worry about coloring in the whole petal, leaving white spaces will add natural highlights. Then use a 3mm orange Acrylograph Pen to draw lines coming from the center and going outward. 

petals step

Step 3

Go back in with the 3mm yellow Acrylograph Pen to blend out the orange detail lines. 

blend petals step

Step 4

Continue to fill in petals around the sunflower using the blending and coloring techniques. Erase any extra pencil marks with an eraser. 

more petals step

Step 5

Once the petals have dried I used the .7mm orange and white Acrylograph Pens to outline each petal and add more highlight lines. 

highlight and details step

Step 6

Now it’s time to fill in the center! I used the 3mm Acrylograph Pens in light and dark brown shades. The thicker tip of the pen is perfect to stipple in the center of the sunflower. Use the lighter shade on the outside of the circle and the darker brown in the middle.

fill centre step

Step 7

Use scissors to cut the top and bottom sections of the  page in half and around the right side of the sunflower. This will be our dutch door page!

cut page step

Step 8

Use the Tombow MONO Drawing Pen to write in the month and calendar on the next page. Make sure the calendar is visible with the sunflower page on top! And you’re done!

final details step

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you give it a try! For more inspiration like this, make sure to follow me @studio80design and use code STUDIO10 for 10% off all Archer and Olive products!

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1 comment

21 Oct 2021 annie ck

This is fabulous, Adrienne!!!

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