According to Ali

New Year Motivational Quote Tutorial For Your 2022 Bullet Journal

By: Design Team

Hi all, Ali here from According to Ali! I’m so excited to share this 2022 motivational quote tutorial with...

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Acrylograph Pens

Allowing Space For Creative Mindfulness

By: Guest Blogger

Somewhere along the path of self-discovery and healing myself through art, I decided to begin my journey back at school at the age of 33 to become an art therapist. The first task I set out for myself on my path of self-healing was to create in untraditional ways, ways not traditionally assumed with being an artist by today’s standards. In my case it was creating non-traditional self-portraits and journaling with my Archer & Olive Blackout bullet journal. I passionately believe that everyone is an artist and that if it is the intention of the person creating the piece with the intention for it to be art, then so it is.

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Archer and Olive

Scrapbooking - Create A Quote Spread In Your Journal Out Of Leftover Paper

By: Hayley Remde

Does anyone else find it really hard to throw away pretty scraps of paper? Or actually, just anything craft...

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