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New Year Motivational Quote Tutorial For Your 2022 Bullet Journal

by Design Team 01 Dec 2021 0 Comments

Hi all, Ali here from According to Ali!

I’m so excited to share this 2022 motivational quote tutorial with you!

“New year, new me” always kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I’m pretty great exactly as I am, and so are you! A new year just means a fresh start and new goals. You just keep getting better and better every year and 2022 is no different! So, I’ll choose to set my sights on “New year! Same me, new goals!”

Supplies for New Year motivational quote:

  • Blackout or Neapolitan Notebook :Black pages scream classic and classy, especially for new year! If you’re usually indecisive, like me, grab a Neapolitan Notebook!
  • Calliograph PenA brush pen creates the perfect lettering to trace.

Grab all of these supplies from Archer & Olive and get 10% off when you use AALI10


Brush Lettering

Use the Calliograph pen to write “new year” in your brush lettering style. Make sure you have good lighting so you can see the shadow effect on the black page because you’ll be tracing it. Always remember: thick down strokes, thin up strokes!



Using your silver Acrylograph, outline and fill in the shadow made from the brush pen. Then, take the gold Acrylograph to write “same me, new goals”! You can use any lettering you like but I love the way a serif letter looks with the brush lettering!



Using both color pens add some arches and stars to create a firework, confetti, and stars. Nothing says new year celebration like silver and gold confetti! You can also doodle some champagne glasses, 2022, or sparklers!




Check out the video tutorial here and share some of your 2022 goals in the comments!


Other Quote Ideas

If you want to make more than one new year motivational page here are a few more!

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” -Abraham Lincoln

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” -Albert Einstein

"Wishing you peace, love, and laughter in 2022."

"This year I will be stronger, braver, kinder, and unstoppable."

"This is the beginning of anything you want!"

“The best is yet to come.” -Frank Sinatra


Try It Yourself!

Want to try out this quote yourself? Download this template to get you started!


Be sure to try your own new year motivational quote page and tag me and @archerandolive on Instagram so we can see your creativity! Thanks so much for following along!

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