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Top 5 Spreads You NEED In Your 2023 Bullet Journal

by Content Team 23 Dec 2022 0 Comments

Hello everyone!!! <3

I'm Nina from @notessbynina, I'm a content creator from Colombia. I'm currently studying visual arts, so I love to combine my content with the things I love: my life and art. 

I am just now starting my sixth bullet journal and I thought it would be the best time to tell you a little more about the bullet journal spreads that I consider essential and that everyone should have as an extra in their journals.

The materials I'm going to use are:

bujo wishlist spread


You may find this section a bit unnecessary or something that in a while you might abandon, but maybe that's because it's been sold to you a little bit wrong.

Wish lists are almost always understood as "things we want to buy" but as the name suggests, wishes go far beyond material things. Today you can wish for many things, such as a new job, change your routine, eat something new, travel or live new experiences, and there is nothing better than writing all these wishes in one place, why? Because the first step to make changes is to understand what changes you want.


brainstorm spread


I think it's pretty clear why I feel this is one of the most important pages you can include in your journal. We always have amazing ideas (some stranger than others) and sometimes because we don't write them down we lose them and end up forgetting them! That's sad. 

On this page write down EVERYTHING you feel deserves to be remembered, if in a few days you read it and you think it is not such a good idea you can delete it but it is much better to give it a second chance. 

You know what is the best thing? you already have a place to put the sticky notes that we always lose, you can put them all here and find them easily.


songs of the year spread


Something that unites most people is music, and it's quite nice to listen to a song and remember what our life was like when we listened to it non-stop.

I propose you to have a section exclusively to remember your year in songs, this is something I have been doing since my second journal (although sometimes I forgot to add some songs) it is beautiful to see this journal and remember all the songs I was obsessed with, especially if you are like me (quite forgetful) but you like to have small details that bring you nice memories.


mental break-down spread


We all have bad moments, not being well is also well, the problem is when we silence all the bad feelings. Some time ago with my therapist we touched on this topic since many of us find it hard to talk about what we feel with other people, personally I prefer to write everything down so,  maybe this is an idea that you also want to include!

What should I do? Write. Choose one or two pages just for this, tell your "future self" what you feel and what you think is your problem, maybe at the moment of the crisis you can't think clearly about a solution but most probably later when you read it calmly you will think about how to help yourself. In addition it also helps you to have a record of what are the thoughts that most afflict you.

who are you spread

and finally... WHO ARE YOU?

We all change as we grow, it is natural, our thinking today may not be the same as it will be in a year. These pages will probably be some of the most personal pages you will ever have because you will be focusing on you! 

What do you like?

What is your favorite song? 

What is your favorite place to eat?

How do you feel about your life right now?

What are your goals? 

What series are you watching?

There is nothing better than knowing yourself and who you are, this sometimes prevents us from getting lost.

The person I am now is very different from the person I was 4 years ago, and I just understood that when I read these pages in my 2018 journal. There are things that remain the same, like I love art or I love to eat ice cream in a specific place haha, but my style, my thinking, and many more things change more and more over the years, having a record of this is motivating and helps me to understand many things in my life. 

and ... that's all!

If you would like to plan along with me, head over to this video here:

If you love art, journaling and lettering I invite you to watch my Youtube channel, you can find it as "Notes by Nina", actually I only make my videos in Spanish because it's my native language, but art is a universal language, right? haha.

I hope this information will help you and most of all... inspire you.

Best wishes

- Nina 

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