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Using A Language Learning Spread in Your Bullet Journal

by Guest Blogger 20 Jul 2020 2 Comments

Hey-lo! It's Marsha from DoYouSalut! Now more than ever is a great time to learn a new language. I know, I know, you're probably thinking "but Marsha what's the point? We can't travel anywhere."  To that I say ... "Well don't let that stop you!" There are so many benefits to learning a new language and using your bullet journal is a great way to help you keep track of your language learning.

Night Sky Kraft Paper dot journal

Benefits of Learning A New Language

  1. There are plenty of studies that show learning a new language can help improve your memory, increase your attention span, and help you with better decision-making skills.

  2. Learning a new language can also help you have increased job opportunities.

  3. Improve communication with new friends and improved travel experience. 

Creative Ways to Learn a New Language

There are many ways to learn a new language or improve your language skills. I'm currently relearning French and working to improve my Spanish language skills. Here are the different things I'm using to help me improve:

  • Movies and tv shows
  • Instagram
  • Podcasts
  • Books
  • YouTube
  • Apps

Now let's dive into how to use a language learning spread!

Recommended Supplies:

Pick a Language and Set Some Goals

The first step is to pick the language you want to learn or improve. Perhaps you've always dreamed of traveling to Japan or wanted to watch anime without the subtitles. Perhaps you've dreamed about having a Roman holiday in Italy. Or you dream of speaking French to the cute waiter while having coffee at a cafe overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

Now that you've chosen the language you want to learn pick at least 3 goals to help keep you motivated. Learning a new language is hard and you might want to give up having goals and using this spread should be able to keep you on track.


Washi tape border and scissors

Step One: Borders and Title 

Create a border around the edge of the page using the washi tape. Then in the center of the page write the name of the language that you want to learn. 

Spanish title in the center of the page

Step Two: Goals 

Under the title write 3-5 goals using the white gel pen. Remember your goals can be short term things you want to accomplish. 


Step Three: Doodle Time

It's time to create your sections. On the upper left corner of the left page doodle an old television set. This will be where you write the movies and tv shows you'd like to watch on Netflix, Hulu, or whatever streaming device. You can pick media in the language you're learning or you can pick a movie that you know by heart and watch it in the target language. (I've seen Midnight in Paris in French tons of times!)

phone doodle

  • Instagram: Under the television set draw the Instagram logo. The dimensions I used to draw the logo were five dots tall and 4 dots wide. After doodling the Instagram logo write down 1-5 skipping lines. 
  •  Microphone: Under the Instagram section doodle a microphone to represent podcasts. The microphone doodle was 9 dots tall and 5 dots wide. Next to the microphone doodle write the numbers down 1-5 skipping lines. 
  • Books: On the upper right corner doodle a couple of books to represent any literature you want to read. The books doodle 8 dots tall and 6 dots wide.
  • Phone: Under the books, doodle a phone to represent language learning apps. The phone doodle was 14 dots tall and 8 dots wide. 
  • YouTube: Under the phone doodle sketch the YouTube logo to represent YouTube channels. The YouTube logo was 4 dots tall and 6 dots wide.  


Step Four: Fill It In 

television, instagram and microphone doodles

Fill in each section with the different things you can use to help you learn languages!  You don't have to completely fill out all five lines for each section. As you progress in your studies you may find that you like some accounts or apps better than others. Or you may discover new accounts. Have fun with it! 

completed language learning spread

Download your free language learning worksheet here: 


Printable of Language Learning Spread Worksheet

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28 Apr 2021 Emma

Just what I was looking for. Thank you. :)

24 Jul 2020 Renee

Thanks. Love this.

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